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VAT is Still a Mystery

Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis suggested that although Bahamians are pressing for the truth in regards to value added tax (VAT), the government has failed to deliver it.

“Apparently, the embattled prime minister is done explaining himself to the people that he serves.  For months, Bahamians have been asking this government for a simple explanation of where the onerous VAT tax money has gone,” said Dr. Minnis.

“The PLP told the people we needed a VAT tax to rein in deficits, but the deficits still remain.  Growing tired of what he perceives as challenges to his rule, the embattled prime minister waves off the people’s questions telling them to read the budget to find out how the VAT tax was spent.”

Meantime, Dr. Minnis alluded to the fact that the government recently waived taxes for Chinese investors.

“In light of the fact that deficits remain, as well as the fact that the embattled prime minister and the PLP waived the onerous VAT tax for their Chinese allies as part of their secretive Baha Mar deal, it is incumbent upon this Government to finally produce a straight answer for the Bahamian people.  Where has the VAT money gone,” he insisted.

“The PLP proclaims they are for transparency and accountability, yet they show such contempt for the people they serve.  They refuse to answer simple questions; rather they turn around and belittle Bahamians that press for the truth,” Dr. Minnis added.

State Finance Minister Michael Halkitis sought to give an explanation of what the VAT money was used for since its implementation in 2015, but he came under much criticism from opposition forces as a result.

During the Progressive Liberal Party’s convention in January, Mr. Halkitis in his speech said that VAT money was used in numerous areas including programmes which were known to be funded by international loans.

Meanwhile, Dr. Minnis said Bahamians would not have the same issues under an FNM government.

“The FNM believes transparency and accountability are more than words or catchy campaign slogans – they are the words that we will live by in action and in deeds. Our plan for good governance will bring accountability and transparency and we will return the government back to the people, where it belongs,” he said.

“It will only be the people’s time, when we rid ourselves of the repressive PLP regime that only offers empty rhetoric and broken promises.  The people’s time will be marked by a government that is answerable and accountable to the people it serves and the FNM will work every day to fulfill that commitment to Bahamians.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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