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Vast Array Of Contenders For FNM Leadership

Expect a fight for top positions when the Free National Movement (FNM) holds its convention this week.

The party, which was ousted during the May 7 General Election, will hold its one-day convention this Saturday at the Holy Trinity Activities Centre in Stapledon Gardens.

The convention’s theme is ‘Ignite the Future.’

FNM Chairman Carl Bethel said yesterday that the party is pleased with the “vast array” of contenders offering themselves for positions as party officers.

Those contenders include seasoned political leaders as well as newcomers whom Mr. Bethel said are stepping forward to vie for the offices of deputy leader, chairman, secretary general and a host of senior posts within the party.

So far, Long Island MP-elect Loretta Butler-Turner, Senator Desmond Bannister and former FNM candidate Cassius Stuart have thrown their hats in the ring for the deputy leadership position.

“The convention promises to be both exciting and transformative as the Free National Movement shows that it has heard the voice of the Bahamian electorate and is prepared to respond positively and proactively to meet the challenges of being the Official Opposition, while laying a firm and enduring foundation for an early return to government,” he said

“This is especially so as it becomes more and more obvious to hurting and long-suffering Bahamians that the newly elected, conflict of interest laden PLP government gained their support by false promises of a quick fix to the vexing problems of a depressed global and national economy, the home mortgage crisis, as well as the increasingly high and unacceptable levels of violent crime and murders on our streets.”

FNM delegates from every constituency throughout the country, Mr. Bethel said, will elect a new party leader and deputy leader.

Additionally, elections will be held for every other party office, from national chairman to trustee.

The Convention will start at 8.00 a.m.

An opening ceremony, which is open to the general public, will begin at 9.00 a.m.

At that time, outgoing party leader and former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham will give his farewell address as leader.

“After the opening ceremony the convention will resolve itself into closed sessions during which there will be nominations of candidates to contest senior party offices from that of leader to the treasurer. Voting will then take place followed by adoption of proposed amendments to the party’s constitution and awards and recognition,” Mr. Bethel said.
The evening session of the convention, which is open to the general public, will commence at 7:00 p.m.

During that ceremony the new party leader and deputy leader as well as all elected party officers will be announced to the nation.

The new party leader will then deliver a closing address and charge to delegates.

The FNM chairman invited members of the public to the evening session.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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