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Uproar In Pinewood Over Garbage

Pinewood residents were in an uproar yesterday after they realised that garbage was spread across the Pinewood Park.

The large garbage bins were strategically placed across New Providence to assist residents affected by flood to get rid of their damaged goods.

However, yesterday when the Bahama Journal arrived at the park, where Pinewood’s large bin was placed, there were old refrigerators and furniture scattered all around.

One resident, Kevin Moss, grew up across the street from the park and said he had never seen anything like it.

“That garbage isn’t only from Pinewood people,” he said.

“It’s mainly people doing the little cleanup programme around The Bahamas and using our garbage as a little ‘show boat.’ If you see the people come in to collect the garbage right now, within minutes it’s going to look like no one ever collected garbage from there.”

The Department of Environmental Health (DOH) came under heavy criticism after people called in to media houses complaining that the garbage wasn’t being collected from the bins in time.

However, Mr. Moss said that the government could not be to blame as the bin is emptied every day.

“It’s the people that aren’t from around here just throwing the garbage all over the place like that,” he said.

“Pinewood’s MP already had a couple people out here cleaning up and no matter how much the truck move the garbage, people just come and throw their garbage right next to the bins; not in them.”
Our news team caught up with Environment Minister Kenred Dorsett, who anticipates having the matter dealt with as early as today.

“As a result of these facilities not being manned and considering the level of bulk waste that had to be deposited in the garbage bins; there’s been some spillage on the park,” he said.

“I know this has created a huge uproar within the Pinewood community and we will have the remaining garbage bin removed tomorrow,” he said yesterday.

Initially the bins were only supposed to be out for a week from May 30th or until June 6th, however, the bins remain available today.

Mr. Moss says even if the bins are removed he feels as though people will still now see the park as a dumping ground.
The Pinewood resident credits his Member of Parliament Khaalis Rolle for his cleanup efforts and says he hopes people will use their discretion and their conscience when dumping their trash at the disposal bins.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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