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Turnquest Urges Party To Get Real

Peter Turnquest

Peter TurnquestClosing the 2nd day of the 2016 FNM General Convention was FNM Incumbent Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest who had some very strong words for Long Island MP Loretta Butler- Turner.

Mr. Turnquest felt Ms Butler Turner’s speech which preceded his was disrespectful

“Courtesies were extended to her.

“She had 30 minutes and she still went over that.

“The extra time we had to pay for because of her going over time.

“In my speech I wanted to remind Long Island in particular of who I am and what my heritage is.

“So when I speak it’s not as if I’m speaking as someone who doesn’t know Long Island or when I speak to disrespect.

“It is a matter of respect,” Mr. Turnquest said.

While his speech didn’t feature the fancy footwork of his team member, The East Grand Bahama MP and Shadow Minister of Finance urged his fellow delegated to get “real” about the current state of the country.

“Tonight is the night that I get real with you. It is the night for a reality check and the reality is, under the Progressive Liberal Party, Our Bahamaland has gone to the dogs.

“Delegates, Bahamians, would you agree with me tonight, that this PLP government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Perry Christie, is simply one of the worst in the history of our country?

“If you don’t believe me, just ask the speaker of the house, the Minister of Youth Sports & Culture, the outgoing Member of Parliament for Tall Pines or the Chairman of the Public Health Authority, “Mr. Turnquest said.

Turnquest also criticized the PLP administration in regards the potential credit downgrade by international credit agency Moody’s, which

“The threat to our sovereign credit rating is real and it has short and long term implications. If we fail to recognize the seriousness of our spending patterns over the last few years; that we are not receiving value for money, we will reap the whirlwind that is a consequence of being in the debt collectors hands.

“We have to put an end to the kickbacks in public contracts and the wastage built in to projects that are undefined in scope or result.

“Public spending must be linked to an expected and measurable social or infrastructural outcome and we must eliminate pork barrel spending and pet projects meant to enrich only a few, “Mr. Turnquest said.

With Bahamians being plagued by nationwide blackouts for the majority of the summer, Turnquest added that the FMN’s Energy plan will alleviate all the current burdens Bahamians face.

“Who can forget that PowerSecure was paid $900K for a business plan and to date, no such plan has been released to the Bahamian people for their information and scrutiny. Where is the plan and who received that $900K?

“The FNM will bring relief to this situation with a short, medium and long term plan centered around the immediate engagement of PPP arrangements with known generation providers and a plan to develop alternate fuel sources right here at home.

“Whether it be solar, Bio Fuels, wave or geo thermal technology, a serious effort to reduce our reliance on costly fossil fuels will be undertaken, “Mr. Turnquest said.

FNM General Convention ends tonight.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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