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Top COP Defending Police Reward System RBPF recently launched reward points system for Police

Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander

By Licec Bastian

Police officers who make arrests, find and recover illegal weapons with an arrest and
those who make arrests for dangerous drugs and recover dangerous drugs during
searches will be rewarded in a new arrest incentive system within the Royal Bahamas
Police Force (RBPF).
Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander while defending the new points system
that was revealed when a copy of the document was leaked on social media, told
reporters on Wednesday that the force is trying to find out who leaked the document.
“Well first of all, I don’t know how that document got out and that’s what we are
trying to find out, this is an inhouse, friendly competition.
“It’s not uncommon throughout the world in [law enforcement] where we honour
officers for good work,” the top COP said.
The RBPF’s points system, according to the document aims to “foster teamwork,
boost morale and recognise outstanding performance”.
Commissioner Fernander said with the friendly competition, senior police officers
“encourage officers to go above and beyond”.
“Even a dog, if he does something good, the handler award[s] him. Let me tell you a
story. Just last week, during an operation with our K9 Unit, the handler took him into
some deep bushes where we suspected there were drugs and firearms. The K9’s were
able to recover a lot of drugs in that area.
 “And you know what the handler did to reward him? He lifted the dog up and put him
on his shoulder and brought him out to the front area. I thought that was so profound.
I thought it was an excellent initiative by the handler. When I first saw the photo, I
thought the dog was injured, but that’s what he did for his reward.
“And, what I did in house, and all of my senior team, along with officers, we agreed
that we have a total of four separate operations out there working together. And just a
friendly competition, in terms of days off. We encourage commanders to look out for
the welfare of officers,” Commissioner Fernander said.
A criterion is set for the incentive, according to the commissioner.
“We show up every day to ensure that the Bahamian people and visitors who come to
our shore are safe.

“And that will not deter us, in respect to our mandate. You can see the results out
there. We are recovering firearms; we are making arrests. You are seeing a number
of vehicles out there in saturation in high crime areas; and we will continue to do
that,” Commissioner Fernander said.
“It’s the devil who stepped in and tried to turn something into bad; only the devil, but
we will pray that devil away.”
The friendly competition, according to the leaked document “will operate for three
months under the supervision of a Commander.”
The incentive “is intended to encourage all officers to fully engage in “Operation
Secure City” as the dedication and commitment of offices are critical in achieving the
goals of the operation and enhancing safety of our community”.
The officers on the winning team will receive a special award, although it was not
disclosed what the reward will be. Individual officers will also be personally
commended by the police commissioner.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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