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“Tonique Williams-Darling Highway is a Death Invitation,” Says Hall

“The Tonique Williams-Darling Highway invites death,” according to Bishop Simeon Hall, pastor emeritus at New Covenant Baptist Church, who called for authorities to address the ongoing traffic problems on the highway before another death occurs.

Last Thursday a third family for the year lost a loved one to a fatal traffic accident on the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.

Bishop Hall said the highway is a contradiction and should be revisited by officials because there are no pedestrian crossings.

“Whoever did that may not have been thinking as widely as she or he ought to have been because we have a major highway with two pedestrian crossings and we know that Bahamians generally do not regard walkways.”

Bishop Hall said persons crossing the highway from Yellow Elder run the risk daily of being killed.

He suggested that an overpass be built that can be utilized by pedestrians.

“I think the relevant authorities should revisit this highway and see what could be done,” he said.

“Now I know we don’t have one, but I think an overhead bypass should be created on that road and somehow try to help pedestrians going to the southern side of the road.”

Bishop Hall said he would hate to see the highway cause another life on the road.

He urged officials to fix the road so that another innocent person does not lose their life due to the highway’s ongoing traffic problems.

A total of seven persons have been killed on the highway over the past five years.

Superintendent Craig Stubbs, commander at the Police Road Traffic Department last week Friday announced that new speed operations will be placed on that highway and other frequent accident areas.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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