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Thousands of Work Permits Granted to Foreigners

By Delvardo Emmanuel
Journal Staff Writer

The Department of Labour is forced to approve work certificates to non-
Bahamians due to the lack of registered certified Bahamian workers, according to
Director of Labour Robert Farquharson, who added that between 2022 to 2023
government has approved over 12,000 work certificates.
“About 40 percent of those were jobs that we believe Bahamians can fill. Many of
the jobs that have become available, most Bahamians are not interested. For
instance, handymen and farm laborers and housekeepers, caretakers,” Mr.
Farquharson said.
“These are jobs that Bahamians don’t even apply for. You’ll be shocked at the
number of welders we have to approve every year.
“I’m talking about welders are being paid 30 an hour. But we have to apply, and
places apply, and we have to approve them. Because the employers are seeking
these people to work. AC technicians, you don’t even need a degree. All you need
is certification, and you can have a job. But those people who are certified are not
registering here with us.”
Aside from the lack of Bahamian registrants, Mr. Farquharson said there are a
number of areas that are qualifications deficits.
“AC technicians, welders, pharmacists, accountants, architects, engineers, skilled
masons, skilled carpenters, I mean, you name it, we are forced to approve labour
certificates. We have worked hand in hand with BTVI to have more women
professionally certified. They’re doing a wonderful job at BTVI, but it cannot come
out fast enough,” he said.
“Marble tile head layers. You’ll be shocked at the amount of persons who deem
themselves project managers or constructing supervisors, who we have to approve
because when we check our database, none are registered.”
Mr. Farquharson said the same is happening on the Family Islands.

“As we have scores of persons in Eleuthera, in Abaco, in Exuma, employees are
seeking people to come work. The Sandals Hotel in Exuma, we decided to approve
nine butlers for them to work,” he explained.
“They have a number of vacancies that we denied and we are working hand in
hand with residents in Exuma and in Grand Bahama.
“We just had a job fair in Andros last week, where Royal Caribbean hired 35
people on the spot. Primarily, because we denied work permits and we arranged
with the respective employer to go on the islands and seek these vacancies.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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