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Thousands of Employers Being Prosecuted By NIB–Board Launches New Self-Check System

Thousands of employers are currently being prosecuted for delinquent accounts with the National Insurance Board (NIB).

Several years ago, officials from the country’s social safety net embarked on a vigorous programme of getting employers to pay their NIB contributions for their employees and bring them up to date. Failure to do so resulted in many of them being taken before the courts.

On Monday, NIB officials announced a new programme which will allow employees to check their personal details at NIB as well as contributions being made on their behalf.

The programme is called the NIB Registrants Self-Service Facility and can be accessed through

“This exciting state-of-the-art facility increases the number of channels through which customers interact with the organisation,” NIB Minister Shane Gibson said at the official launch of the programme at NIB Headquarters on Baillou Hill Road.

“You have always had the walk-ins and the phone-ins, but starting today there is greater flexibility. This self-service optimisation facility has many benefits, chief among which will be that of making NIB’s services more accessible to its valuable customers – particularly in New Providence – which is the hub amongst the offices in our service network. It will decrease in the short and long term the need for customers to actually come in person to one of our offices.”

Minister Gibson said the innovation is the first step doing “better and smarter” business in the country.

He said soon customers will be able to submit a retirement claim online, log on to see how a claim is progressing through the process as well as when a payment is ready.

“Employers and self-employed people will be able to register, request letters of good standing, submit their monthly contribution statements and pay contributions online,” the NIB minister said.

“This is the way of the future and your social security organisation is on the cutting edge of innovation. Indeed, this is commendable and marks a significant milestone for NIB and The Bahamas. In addition to improving customer service, it will also positively impact the ongoing effort to reduce administrative costs and improve compliance.”

Chairman of the NIB Board Rev. Dr. James Moultrie said this is a banner year for NIB and for customers.

“Anything that we can do to make business easier at the organisation is a step in the right direction,” he said.

“This self-service programme will save our customers precious time and money. If you have a computer, no longer will you have to get into your car and use up your gas to go to the Marsh Harbour or Rock Sound local offices. You won’t have to call a taxi or get on a bus to go to Jumbey Village, Fox Hill or Wulff Road in New Providence to check on your contribution status. You will be able to do those things right from your home so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this because this is the way of the future.”

NIB’s Senior Deputy Director of Operations Cecile Williams-Bethel demonstrated for members of the media how the website works.

“We say to people registered to NIB and people who have contributed, don’t wait until its time to claim to check your contribution status,” she said.

“This facility allows for you to do it now. Don’t wait to be separated from your employer, whether it’s voluntary or involuntary, check that your contributions are being paid. Come in and take advantage of this facility. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry and we say to the employers NIB wants to work with you. It’s not too late to bring your house in order.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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