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The Ingraham Era Has Ended

Try and try again, boys; you will succeed at last.

This must be the Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham’s nightmare mantra.

Having been defeated once, this man tried again and failed again to persuade the Bahamian people that he had what it took to best the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Chrtistie.

This time he failed to persuade the Bahamian people to vote for Greg Gomez [his man in Abaco].

And now – somewhat nauseatingly – an obviously tired Hubert Ingraham predicts, “…We will once again do what we did in 1992 and 2007 – we will return to office…”

The caption above illuminates the mindset of a man who knows no other job as well as he does the game of politics in this small island developing state.

What is as clear happens to be the fact that Dr. Hubert Minnis tells us, Hubert A. Ingraham is neither wanted nor needed in this new era.

Given a second chance the Bahamian people in Abaco – by a very large majority – voted for what they saw as their interests and voted for Renardo Curry and the Progressive Liberal Party.

If politics and the games it somehow or the other spawns is any guide to truth to human nature, this game routinely brings out some of the worst when it comes to ambition unstaunched.

Evidently, former prime Minister Ingraham has his full share of this narcissism; this as he goes overboard to suggest – whether invited or not – to assert the authority he thinks he still wields in the Free National Movement. It was Hubert

Ingraham himself who conceded on behalf of his party; whether invited, summonsed or not. Again, he was simply out of order.

Hubert Ingraham raised questions Monday night about the alleged proximity between his successor, Perry Christie, and “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in cash during the North Abaco bye-election campaign.

“Conceding defeat for the FNM in North Abaco, Mr. Ingraham said he remains concerned about reports of underhanded practices by the PLP…They will be all over the Bahamas trying to win back the government, and we will be right here, in Abaco, and we will once again do what we did in 1992 and 2007 – we will return to office.”

While the FNM might well do so, there is very little chance for a Hubert Ingraham styled resurrection; and so [and at long last], the Hubert Ingraham era is over.

Thank goodness, the attentive public need worry itself no longer concerning whether he is now gone for real; and so, if ever he had dared believe – like Napoleon exiled on Elba – that he could return, the Bahamian people living in North Abaco showed him better than they could tell him.

We wish this great Bahamian well as he takes his earned place in the political shadows now thrown across this land by a triumphant Progressive Liberal Party, its leader, the Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie and his other colleagues, inclusive of those men and women who are with him in Cabinet.

Evidently, Dr. Hubert Minnis and his colleagues in the Free National Movement can and should be comforted in this moment by the fact that – at long last- Ingraham is gone.

Now all Bahamians who would identify with the FNM should do so with gusto; knowing full well that our democracy flourishes when opposition is focused and clearly then, when opposition is both critical and productive.

These points we make in a context where new information reports, Progressive Liberal Party’s Renardo Curry is the new MP for North Abaco after he and the PLP convincingly defeated Free National Movement candidate Greg Gomez and Bahamas Constitution Party leader Ali McIntosh in Monday’s historic by-election.

“After nearly 4,000 ballots were counted by parliamentary registration officials, Mr. Curry was declared the unofficial winner after securing 2,367 of the 3,887 votes counted, with 1,513 going to the FNM and seven to BCP…”

Interestingly enough, today’s winner was just yesterday, the same man who had lost to none other than Hubert Alexander Ingraham; then master of all he could survey.

Clearly, then, Mr. Ingraham’s current fate and situation mirror those of the man he beat just a short time ago; that man – Renardo Curry- is today’s jubilant victor.

Sad for him, Mr. Ingraham now goes down in Bahamian history as the leader who lost first to his nemesis and thereafter, the same Hubert Ingraham lost to his nemeses in the Progressive Liberal Party.

Would to God, this man would learn that every story has a beginning and that, every story involving mankind has an end.

When the going was good with him; he did well; otherwise is the case today.

The Ingraham era has ended.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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