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Tenants Flee After Marco’s Body is Found

Defense attorney Geoffrey Farquharson yesterday asked a murder trial witness if tenants’ moving out immediately after Archer’s body was found was not something worth questioning.

Assistant Superintendent BK Bonamy returned to the stand yesterday in the Khofe Goodman murder trial.

Goodman is on trial for the 2011 murder of 11-year-old Marco Archer.

Yesterday, Mr. Farquharson brought up the fact that as the lead investigator in the case, the officer should have been suspicious as to why tenants would move out of the apartment complex where they found Marco’s decomposed body and bring the people in for questioning.

When asked what happened to the other people living in the Yorkshire Drive apartment complex where young Marco’s decomposed body was found, ASP Bonamy said at that time only two of the apartments were occupied, one where Goodman and his mother stayed and the other where a man lived.

Mr. Farquharson then asked the witness why he didn’t bother to take in the other man, Bob Taylor, as a suspect, but the officer said at that time, Mr. Taylor had just suffered a stroke and needed assistance to do everyday activities, thus he was not in “good enough health to do something like that.”

ASP Bonamy told the court he released the five other suspects in matter after they were interviewed and DNA results showed no connection between them and the murder.

Mr. Farquharson asked the witness, how could he do such a thing, to which Bonamy again explained, “If the DNA did not match any of the other suspects, then it would have been listed as unknown.”

The trial continues before Justice Bernard Turner.

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