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Tempers Flare In ‘Die’ Stubbs Trial

Emotions ran high in a murder trial ran high on Friday between a witness a defense attorney.
Alleged gang leader Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs, Clinton Evans and Andrew Davis all appeared before Justice Roy Jones on Friday for the 1999 murder of the Police Corporal Jimmy Ambrose.

Day two of the court case went by so fast, that if you blinked, you would have missed everything.

The Crown called its second witness to the stand, Officer Hugh Gray, who at the time of the murder on March 29, 1999 was a crime scene investigator.

According to Mr. Gray, his job description at that time was to collect evidence and process crime scenes.

He said on April 1st, 1999, while on duty, he acted on information he received and went to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Morgue where he met Dr. Kumar, who showed him the body of Corporal Jimmy Ambrose.

Mr. Gray said he knew the deceased corporal as he had worked with him for two years.

He added that Dr. Kumar opened the body in front of him, removed the organs and removed the projectile, which Mr. Gray said the doctor then handed to him.

The officer said he then put it in a plastic container and sealed it closed.

After that he passed it on to another corporal at the forensic lab.

Murrio Ducille, who represents Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs, asked the witness if he had indeed put the projectile in the plastic container or if Dr. Kumar did, to which he said he (Mr. Gray) did.

Mr. Ducille also proposed a problem with marking on the container, saying that there was no marking on it and that the witness tampered with the evidence.

Attorney Ian Cargill, who represents Andrew Davis, then got into a shouting match with the witness as to where the marking would have been.

Mr. Cargill told the witness that in his initial police report for that date, Mr. Gray wrote that he had marked the projectile.

After a heated back and forth Justice Roy Jones adjourned the matter so that tempers could cool down and said that both men should learn some courtroom etiquette.

Vinette Graham-Allen is the lead prosecutor, while Ramona Farquharson-Seymour represents Clinton Evans.

The matter continues on today at 10:00 a.m.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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