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Surgeon Recalls Life Saving Efforts

Heart surgeon Dr. Duane Sands was called to the witness stand yesterday in the murder trial of Constable Jimmy Ambrose who was shot outside the Club Rock, on West Bay Street March 29th, 1999.

Alleged gang leader Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs, Clinton Evans and Andrew Davis are all on their third round of trial for the murder of the constable 14 years ago.

When Dr. Sands took the stand he said he recalled the day fairly well.

He said that day he was called to the emergency room of the Princess Margaret Hospital where he saw Constable Ambrose bleeding profusely with a number of wounds about his body.

Dr. Sands that before he could start emergency surgery, he had to ensure that the officer received blood large amounts of blood.

He said that on a regular basis, the average person has about 5 liters of blood in their system, Corporal Ambrose he said, was given four times that amount as it just kept pouring back out.

Dr. Sands said that upon cutting open the officer’s belly for emergency surgery, he immediately noticed that there was massive destruction as there was a mixture of blood, fluids and feces.

During the surgery, Dr. Sands said he found a bullet in the peritoneal cavity, which holds all the organs.

However, the doctor said dealing with the bullet was not of importance at the moment, so he put it on the side and continued on with trying to save the officer’s life.

Perhaps the most critical injury was a wound to the artery going to the officer’s leg, which the doctor said was pouring blood extremely fast.

Dr. Sands said because the officer was so badly injured, he did not close his stomach after the surgery; instead he took his organs, placed them into a plastic bag, and put them back in his stomach.

After that he was taken to the intensive care unit. He died around 4, that afternoon.

During his cross examination, Attorney Ian Cargill, who represents Andrew Davis, asked the witness what happened to the bullet.

Dr. Sands then said that he placed the full metal jacket bullet in a plastic container and sealed it shut with a tape, after which he gave it to the circulating nurse in the room.

The doctor said he could not account for what happened next to the bullet once it left his presence.

Vinette Graham-Allen is the lead prosecutor, Murrio Ducille represents Stephen Stubbs and Ramona Farquharson-Seymour represents Clinton Evans.

The case continues before Justice Roy Jones.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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