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Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs Trial Begins

Day one of trial in the murder of a police officer killed over a decade ago got underway yesterday in the Supreme Court.

Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs, Quinton Evans and Andrew Davis all appeared before Justice Roy Jones for the 1999 murder of the Police Corporal Jimmy Ambrose.

In his opening statement, Ambrose Ambrister, who represents the Attorney General’s Office, told the all-woman jury the prosecution is in court to allege four things: the first is that on March 29th 1999 the defendants murdered the police corporal, the second, that on that same day the trio attempted to murder another police constable and the third and fourth being that Quinton Evans produced a firearm with intent to put two other officers in fear.

The crown then called its first witness to the stand, Police Corporal 1108 Keith Rolle, who at the time of the murder was attached to the homicide section as a crime scene investigator.

He said his responsibility would have been to collect evidence and taking photographs of crime scenes.

On the morning of March 29th, 1999 around 2:00 a.m. the officer said he was given information and acting on that information went to Club Rock on West Bay Street where he found six spent casings, which he placed in separate envelopes and labeled KR 1 through 6.

He said later that morning he received a projectile in a clear plastic container, a fila jacket and a blue paco jeans pants, which he handed all over to the forensic lab.

After that the witness said he went to the morgue where he viewed the body of the deceased police corporal and took three additional photos of the officer he said he knew for over 6 years.

But during his cross examination Attorney Ian Cargill, who represents Andrew Davis suggested that the witness didn’t make mention in his initial police report that he knew the deceased and had to wait for the doctor at the morgue to identify him.
Murrio Ducille, who represents Stubbs, during his cross examination of the witness asked if at any time while he was taking photographs at the scene if there was any sunlight, to which he responded ‘no.’

But Mr. Ducille suggested that there was indeed sunlight in two of the 12 photos used in the witness’ portfolio.
However, Mr. Rolle insisted that if any light had been scene in any of the photographs, then it would have been from flash photography.

Vinette Graham-Allen is the lead prosecutor, while Ramona Farquharson-Seymour represents Quinton Evans.

The matter continues before Justice Roy Jones.

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