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Smuggled Iguanas Returned to the Wild

Nine of 13 iguanas that survived being smuggled out of the country, rescued in London and returned home have finally been reunited with their natural environment in San Salvador.

Officials announced that the iguanas were released back into the wild last Saturday.

These nine remaining iguanas were housed in specially-built quarantine facilities and were repatriated during the week of Independence Day.

Back in February, two Romanian tourists smuggled the wild animals out of the country.

The two women, who had the animals stuffed into socks and concealed in a suitcase, were stopped at London Heathrow’s terminal five by customs officers.

One of the iguanas died during that first trip while three more died after being rescued and returned home.

Upon returning home, workers looking after the iguanas ensured that the critically endangered species were allowed to naturally readjust to the Bahamian environment.

“The long journey of the 13 rock iguanas smuggled from The Bahamas has now ended,” officials said. “Following their quarantine they were assessed to be healthy enough to fend for themselves and have now been released.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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