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Smith Calls FNM “Two Faced” Over Spy Bill

Noted Queens Counsel and Rights Bahamas President Fred Smith has called the Free National Movement government “hypocritical” and “two faced” in regards to their position on the proposed “Spy Bill”.


It was revealed on Friday that the government will be moving forward with the proposed Interception of Communications Bill with the only amendment being to ensure the minister of national security does not have the power to authorize use of listening devices.


The government also recently revealed that it would not allow Rights Bahamas to take lead on the consultation in regards to the proposed legislation.


In an interview with The Journal Mr. Smith said that he was genuinely shocked that the government that was so critical of this bill while in opposition has seemed to have an about face.


“I am shocked that a government that came in on such a wave of popularity and on the heels of a defeat against the PLP, with one of the primary reasons being the attempt to rape our privacy under the spy bill, should under their first legislative term decide to present the legislation in an even worse form.


“I can’t as a citizen of The Bahamas wrap my head around how disrespectful, two faced and hypocritical this FNM government is,” Mr. Smith said.






Smith added that little consultation was done and he refuses to do so under limited time constraints.


“ I have no issue with a sensible public consultation on the proposal for the content of the spy bill,  but good faith consultation doesn’t happen by a government tabling a bill and telling the people to consult in a crisis fashion.


“ I am not going to participate in a consultation with the government with a legislative gun pointed at my head,” Mr. Smith said.



He added that as a government that campaigned on transparency and consultation, this bill seems to be presenting the total opposite.


The FNM’s proposed “Spy Bill” encompasses the provisions of the listening devices act, the controversial law that would be repealed if the interception of communication bill passes through Parliament.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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