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Small Fire At PMH

Nurses working in the Trauma Room at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) are being commended for their quick response to a small electrical fire that was isolated to an electrical socket in the hospital’s trauma room on Friday.

According to a press release sent out by the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA), the fire, which occurred at 5:25p.m., appeared to be the result of an electrical shortage.

Hospital Administrator Mary Walker said nurses working in the area saw a “flash over” emanating from the area where a defibrillator was plugged into an electrical outlet.

“They (the nurses) took immediate action to disable the piece of equipment by removing the wire from the electrical socket,” Mrs. Walker said.

“Three patients receiving treatment in the area were evacuated, as well as ambulatory patients, to an area away from the affected room.”

The hospital administrator confirmed that electrical engineers conducted a preliminary assessment of the incident and concluded that the electrical shortage was not related to the electrical socket, but a fault associated with the equipment.

Electrical power to the area was temporarily shut down for safety reasons.

“No one was injured in the incident, and I am happy to note that when faced with this incident this afternoon, our nurses sprung into action following the proper protocols,” Ms. Walker said.

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