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Sir Arthur Commends Sandilands Care for Older Persons

Former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes, patron of the National Council for Older Persons and the Sandilands Geriatric Hospital, thanked the staff of health professionals and caregivers of Sandilands Geriatric Hospital on Fox Hill Road at the 50th year celebration held on June 1.

He encouraged the health professionals and caregivers to continue to give dignified service to the growing population of aging adults because we are all created in the image of our Creator.

“We are all endowed with a special status, whether we are high or low, whether we are in the best of health or afflicted in mind and body, all of us human beings have been endowed with the divine gift of having been created in the image and likeness of God,” said Sir Arthur.

“And that gives us the dignity, beyond all other dignities, and the dignity that stays with us from our conception until the day we die. I say that to say, that it seems to me that the caregivers and the people who take care of our older generation in this institution, by the way that is a category of persons whom I am will entrenched, my wife is not quite there yet — but, it seems to me that this recognition of the dignity of human beings pervades this place.”

Sir Arthur said he is amazed and pleased with the people that he talks to on his various visits to Geriatric Hospital.

“You know, there are some foolish people in this world who would say things like ‘Oh, you had your time now get out of the way,’” Sir Arthur said.

“But they [Sandilands caregivers] recognize that older persons still maintain that dignity bestowed on them by their maker. And, that colours and influences the care that they give. And I want to thank them for that. I want to recall the memory of the founders of this institution and all those who served over the last half century, and those who serve today. Thank you very much on behalf of a very grateful nation. May God bless you and continue your good work. Thank you,” said Sir Arthur.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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