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Significant Progress in Clean Up of Oil Slick off Pinder’s Point

Licec Bastian

Journal Staff Writer

The Ministry of Transport and Housing said “significant progress has been made in cleaning up the oil spill” that occurred at the Buckeye Bahamas Hub jetty in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

On Wednesday, August 2, around 5:54am, “some of an estimated five to ten barrels of oil spilt into the surrounding water” just off Pinder’s Point.

The incident occurred “during a transfer of products between two tanks at the terminal” as reported by Buckeye officials.

In a statement, transport officials advised that on “receiving notification of the oil spill at the Buckeye Terminal in Freeport, Grand Bahama the Port Department immediately dispatched a vessel with oil spill response capabilities to investigate and provide assistance.”

Members of the public are further advised that significant progress has been made in cleaning up the oil spill. The majority of the oil product that was contained within the boom around the jetty has been removed,” the statement said.

Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources Vaughn Miller, during a press conference in Grand Bahama last week, said every effort is being made to protect the lives and livelihoods of residents in the immediate communities which include Pinder’s Point, North Bahamia, Hunters and Grand Bahama in general.

“The government of The Bahamas is acutely aware of the impact of these types of incidents on the environment and on the lives of our people, and the preservation of the environment remains a priority for the Davis administration,” Minister Miller said.

During the press conference, Minister Miller was also questioned whether the government will seek compensation from for the oil spill. He told reporters that once the investigations are completed and the company is found to be in the wrong, the company will pay.

“In the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection, once all our findings have been submitted and the department makes the decision and submits its recommendations to the office of the Attorney General, then, based on that we will determine what we will do,” Minister Miller said.

“But we have always operated under the principle that the polluter pays, and depending on the extent of it will determine how much the polluter pays. We just have to enforce it.”

The Ministry of Transport and Housing said cooperation continues with the Buckeye Terminal’s management team.

Senior officials from the Ministry of Transport and Housing and the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources are continuing to monitor the clean-up efforts.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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