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Sands Refutes Claims of New COVID-19 Cases

Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands warned against the dissemination of fake news concerning COVID-19 and refuted false information about the spread of the disease.

Currently, there is only one confirmed case of COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

The 61-year-old female, who tested positive for the first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in The Bahamas, is in stable condition, according to Minster of Health Dr. Duane Sands.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health updated the media not only the patient, but ensured that more updates on COVID-19 in The Bahamas would be given in the House of Assembly on Wednesday. 

“The prime minister would have outlined the plan and tomorrow in the honourable House of Assembly, we will give another update. We would like to make sure that the message is not being distorted,” Dr. Sands said.

“Unfortunately, there’s so much fake news out there. So much misinformation and disinformation, that it becomes very careful to ensure that the message is clear, it’s on point and that people are not getting the wrong message.”  

He further added that health officials are confident in the plans that are already in place.

The minister of health also added that persons have been using the hotline and there are plans in the works to add more phone lines.

Once again, the minister addressed the spread of false news as there are social media reports that two fishermen in Exuma contracted COVID-19.

 “I think the prime minister was very clear that the public should listen to reliable sources. So, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health, the chief medical officer and the official teams of the Ministry of Health, if you didn’t hear it from us, then I would ask you to question the reliability and the veracity of the message that you’re hearing,” he said.

Dr. Sands added that he knows that there are many burning questions on the government’s plans moving forward.

He asked persons to remind clam, take the necessary steps for proper hygiene and be mindful of where they obtain information.

According to the Ministry of Health, The Bahamas one confirmed case of COVID-19, 11 persons in quarantine and 31 persons have been released from quarantine.


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