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Rotary Teams Up With RBPF To Promote Conflict Resolution

Bringing a message of peace and conflict resolution at St. John’s College school yesterday were members of the Rotary Club of Nassau district 7020 and about a dozen police officers led by Superintendent Ken Strachan, who encouraged the students to show care, respect, and trust for each other.

“A lot is taking place in our society today, starting with the verbal disagreements, the abuse from one towards the other in homes, out there on the streets, but we are seeing more and more each day through social media.

“Everyone believes it is cute to just grab a cell phone and video the most heinous act and send it out there for the world to see.

“It’s too much violence taking among individuals, and our message here today is very simple to encourage us to respect each other, care for each other, pushing out a bit of love and attention towards each other and most importantly to trust each other,” Mr. Strachan said.

Moreover, Mr. Strachan noted to the students that the only way to detract from the scourge of violence that seems to be taking over the island is to stay away from negative forces and factors including drugs and firearms.

“We want to distract from that kind of behavior and encourage each of you Giants, to reach out, whether it be in your communities or in the school to show and demonstrate love and respect and trust and avoid those instances of violence.

“And in so doing, in collaboration with the Rotary Bahamas we will begin to walk that road to peace and that is what we are aiming for, peace, a peaceful Bahamas in which each and every one of us can live, work, while we welcome our visitors and together we all enjoy it,” Mr. Strachan said.

Notwithstanding in his encouragement of peace and conflict resolution, Mr. Strachan also had a surprise for the students of St. John’s who participated in and won the recent TMP music competition organized by the Zamar group; the students were entertained by the pulsating sounds of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Pop Band.

“I want the winners of the band competition to join me on the stage. I was watching the evening news and in so doing there were three of you who were interviewed, I was very impressed.

“So really it is by no mistake that when Mrs. Romer asked that I come and say two words to the student body here I thought about you, and I thought about where I started in the Royal Bahamas Police Force almost 33 years ago, I started as a trumpeter in the police band.

“And so, as a tribute to you I’ve invited them to come along and run a few numbers for you to encourage you and to show you that if you have the desire to be a part of us where you can possibly end up,” Mr. Strachan said.

The special assembly ended with a performance by the school’s band ‘Special Blend’.

Attending the assembly was member of the Rotary, including past District Governor and graduate of St. John’s College Felix Stubbs, along with other past presidents and numerous Police officers from various sections of the force including officers from the mobile division, police pilots, forensics division.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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