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Rollins: Gov’t Fears Me In the House

Dr. Andre Rollins (31)Suspended Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte Dr. Andre Rollins says he believes that the governing party fears him.

After he ignored House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major’s repeated warnings to take his seat during the wrap up of debate on the University of the Bahamas Bill last week, police escorted Dr. Rollins out of the lower chamber.

When he spoke to The Journal recently the Free National Movement (FNM) politician said his removal was a political ploy by the government.

“I would say that it is evident that the government fears my voice in the House of Assembly.

“They often times find great difficulty in rebutting what I have to say, any counter argument is only further evidence of their failings as a government.

“So their preference is me being deprived of an opportunity to debate in the House of Assembly,” Dr. Rollins said.

Dr. Rollins, who was elected as a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidate added that his suspension was personal, and lambasted the Speaker who he claimed makes rulings in favor of the government to help rejuvenate his political career.

If it is what I am saying causes them further embarrassment, clearly they are seeking the aid and comfort of a speaker who is eager to do the bidding of a government that clearly has tremendous influence over his political career.

“He is not neutral at all; at this time his primary focus is on being given an opportunity to once again contest a seat in the next general election.

“As well as his own personal grievances with me, his actions are petty, no doubt about it,” Dr. Rollins said.

Once on opposing sides, Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner stood in support of her colleague, and reiterated Rollins’ stance and said the suspension was unfair and that the speaker’s decision making is one-sided.

“I was very concerned that it did not appear to be fair play with regard to Dr. Rollins trying to make a point of order when the member for Marathon was wrapping up the debate.

“The speaker in my opinion truly did not allow Dr. Rollins to exercise his right in the House of Assembly.

“This was followed by a volley of insults being hurled across the floor from either side, once a member is seated there is nothing on the record that they say even though you can hear it.

“And I think that Rollins’ response to some of the derogatory and disparaging remarks that originated on the government’s side was the tipping point for the speaker,” Ms. Butler-Turner said.

Dr Rollins quit the PLP in June of last year, after government members made several attempts to block him from contributing to the ongoing budget debate in the House of Assembly.

FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis was not present during the session, as he had left the during the morning debate due to illness.

The Journal attempted to reach the House Speaker for comment, but was unsuccessful.

Dr. Rollins returns to Parliament when the business of the house resumes on August 3rd.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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