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Roc With Doc

Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis hosted a mass rally last evening which received a vast number of Free National Movement (FNM) supporters over a smaller number drawn by his opponent in the leadership race, Loretta Butler Turner.

Last night, a sea of red flooded Christie Park, to show support for the duo FNM leader Dr. Minnis and Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest, who are running for the positions of party leader and deputy leader respectively.

After being escorted by scores of enthusiastic supporters accompanied by the sounds of junkanoo music, Dr. Minnis’ first words were “get up, because we have the victory”.

“This is the time to give back to the people,” said Dr. Minnis.

The FNM leader told the hundreds of enthusiastic supporters that his leadership represents a “new vision”.

“No more corruption, cronyism. No more placing our eggs all in one basket of foreign investment,” he said.

“We have a new vision for The Bahamas. Our country is headed on a downward path. Our security forces are stretched to the limit but crime is out of control. We must bring our society back,” Dr. Minnis lamented.

He assured that under an “FNM government”, security forces will be enhanced with the latest in technological resources in the fight against crime.

On the premise that the “Perry Christie government is the worst government”, Dr. Minnis said that the country cannot afforfd to squander its chances for a new government.

“We must seize the moment. We must come together and take the fight to the PLP.” he said.

After months of an obvious rift within the FNM party, Dr. Minnis told supporters that the organisation be united.

“I am still convinced if we speak with one voice and follow one vision, one leader, no one can defeat us,” he said.

Sounding similar to the utterances of a congregation in response to its pastor, FNM supporters responded vibrantly as Dr. Minnis reiterated goals and promises to be carried out in the event that his party wins the 2017 general election, with himself as leader.

He repeated one common goal that he has voiced on numerous occasions, and that is to eliminate value added tax on all bread and basket items in addition to specific medical services and products.

His expressed that his aim is ultimately to assist those who need it most; specifically, the working class citizens.

Additionally, Dr. Minnis spoke to the claims of corruption within the Christie Administration .

“We will create a culture where we wipe out corruption. Politicians must disclose and obey the law just like everyone else. No more fraud at Social Services or Road Traffic. The FNM will bring trust and good governance back to The Bahamas,” he assured.

The FNM leader noted that under his leadership, a code of conduct will be implemented for parliamentary officers, and he said his government would make the public disclosure commission independent.

“Politicians must disclose and obey the law just like everybody else,” he added.

Dr. Minnis, as he is an accomplished physician, then admonished the “5,000 babies” he “safely” delivered throughout his career to throw their support behind him.

“I have delivered you safely into this world and now I ask you to deliver me,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest, after being introduced by former PLP candidate Member of Parliament Renward Wells as “Sweeter with Peter”, Mr. Turnquest in a high spirited speech reiterated he and Dr. Minnis’ plan to not only unite the party, but the country as a whole.

Before the “Roc with Doc” evening ended, a surprise visit was made by Progressive Liberal Party Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller, who evidently showing support for Dr. Minnis’ campaign, with a smile, greeted and embraced the FNM leader before the crowd.

Mr. Miller’s opponent, FNM candidate for Tall Pines Don Saunders said he thinks that Mr. Miller “sees what Doc is all about, and that is he is about the people in the heart of the inner city”.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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