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Roberts: Collie is “Lost”

Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Bradley Roberts responded to Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Sidney Collie’s accusations over the weekend, calling Mr. Roberts “Lost” and “Confused”.

Mr. Roberts said that Mr. Collie is “nonsensical” for suggesting that there is a relation between that of a campaign fund and that of the country’s Value Added Tax.

“Only a confused mind can manage to confuse and conflate the smooth roll out of Value Added Tax with election campaign funding. What utter confused nonsense and drivel.

“The PLP will not be distracted with these side shows, the mud-slinging and the smear tactics of the FNM who left this country in a mess in 2012 and has expressly told the Bahamian people if given the chance they will turn back the clock, disrupting this economy, creating uncertainty and turning the lives of thousands of Bahamian families upside down,” Mr. Roberts said.

Mr. Roberts denied the accusation of the PLP having any assistance in campaign funding from that of the expense of the Bahamian public tax dollars, specifically on the aforementioned Bahamas Agriculture Marine and Science Institute Ad (BAMSI).

“The PLP strongly refutes these claims and emphatically and unequivocally state for the public record that those BAMSI ads were paid for by the Progressive Liberal Party.

“As a busy man I loathe to respond to the confused drivel of Sidney Collie,” Mr. Roberts said.

He continued, “This is a man who as a minister of Local Government managed to botch a simple local government election process and was forced to resign in total disgrace.

“The PLP in stark contrast remains fully committed to building on the gains this country has made over the last five years as we move this country forward together,” he said.

Mr. Robert’s comments come after Mr. Collie accused Prime Minister Perry Christie and the current administration of using tax payer monies to fund the PLP’s campaign in the upcoming election.

In a statement released by leader of the Free National Movement shortly before Mr. Collie’s statements were made, he urged the PLP to stop with “reckless spending” of the Bahamian public’s dollar.

Demanding the PLP to instead “immediately repay the Bahamian people.”

Mr. Collie asked in his statement, “When is enough, enough?”

“The PLP government has raided the taxpayer funds since the moment that they took office in 2012. Five years ago they pledged to change The Bahamas, but the only thing they have done is short-changed the Bahamian people at every turn,” Mr. Collie said.

“And like an old habit they continue to use tax dollars this government collects for their own political agenda. Several times this week Bahamians have all seen the BAMSI ad in several of the newspapers with the PLP logo prominently fixed on it. This is clearly a violation of the public trust from an administration that has made corruption into an art form. Is there nothing they won’t do to keep their grip on power?”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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