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Roberts Calls Ingraham Duplicitous

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts called the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham duplicitous.

Mr. Roberts was responding to Mr. Ingraham’s letter condemning the government for its handling of the Baha Mar road reconfiguration.

“One day he is cancelling $80 million worth of public works contracts including the straw market and schools in Salina Point, Lowe Sound, Fresh Creek and Freeport that he claimed were in the public’s interest. Now, like Dr. Minnis, he believes that the government should not look after the public’s best interest but pay whatever a third party demands of it without the benefit of due diligence to protect the public interest,” Mr. Roberts said in a statement.

“Further, his government’s poorly executed road improvement program; the virtual giveaway of country’s patrimony in BTC at a fire sale price; the FNM’s abuse of its so called jobs training program and his clueless oversight of the scandalous fiscal affairs of the National Insurance Board were just a few of the blunders that were “tedious,” “vexatious,” and “worrisome” to the entire nation. These are transgressions for which he arrogantly and stubbornly refuses to acknowledge and atone for while Bahamians continue to suffer from the ill effects of these terrible policies to this day.”

Mr. Roberts said Mr. Ingraham has some nerve to show his face after the destruction his government left in the wake of its election loss in 2012.
“To add insult to injury, when he did speak on a national issue, he is not even pretending to stand up for Bahamians; he is suggesting that the cost analysis of the Bahamian professionals at the Ministry of Works about the road development on Cable Beach is not credible. Well if he feels that way about Bahamians, then Bahamians should not view him as credible,” he said.
“My advice to Ingraham is that until he is willing to account for hurt and abuse he has inflicted on this country and its people and not pretend to be Pontius Pilate, he should remain out of sight and silent because thus far he has had nothing constructive to contribute to the national discourse.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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