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Roberts Calls For Investigation Into Alstom

After the non-custodial sentencing of former BEC Chairman Fred Ramsey, PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts is calling for a proper investigation into the matter.

“The facts and the preponderance of damning evidence presented in the recently concluded bribery case of former BEC board member and Senator Fred Ramsey must put to rest the deceitful and false FNM narrative that they are the party of honest people,” Mr. Roberts said in a statement.

“The FNM does not believe that they should be held to the standard of accountability and transparency in government or in opposition.

He added that although his colleagues accept the sentence imposed on Ramsey they feel that it was a bit lenient.

“While the Progressive Liberal Party is obliged to accept the ruling of the Judge, and re-affirm our deep support for the importance of a strong and independent Judiciary, we offer two comments on the case.

“We trust that the entire community accepts the rationale of the judge as to why there was not a jail sentence imposed. Specifically, we pray that it does not play into the narrative of those who speak about a social divide where for example someone who is a high ranking member of the Free National Movement (or any other political party) is somehow treated differently from someone who is not, ” Mr. Roberts said.

Roberts added that a proper review is needed as to restore the public’s trust in governance due to the vast amount of public official corruption cases in recent years.

“There must be a meaningful review of the full impact of this bribery on the operations of BEC. Public trust in governance must not be undermined.

“Specifically, it would require an unreasonable degree of naivety to believe that this bribery could have been perpetrated exclusively by one Board member especially when the cabinet decision ran contrary to the decision of the full Board of the Corporation.

“The cabinet decision led directly to the retirement from that Board of one of the members (who was a former BEC executive) in strong protest against the cabinet decision and to protect his personal reputation,” Mr. Roberts said.

Roberts also responded to comments made by opposition leader Dr.Hubert Minnis who expressed his disdain for corruption within the current administration.

“Since Opposition leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is on record as expressing a low tolerance for corruption, we call upon him to support this call for this committee and in the process make it a truly bi-partisan initiative.

“The basic objective must be the public good which clearly includes the search for truth. It was at his leadership launch rally that Dr. Minnis once again called for anti-corruption legislation.

“It is important to note that both of the Alstrom 11 and 12 Generators continue to cause major problems for BEC and its many customers in New Providence as the amount of rolling blackouts and load shedding activities are unacceptably high.

“The Ingraham cabinet clearly refused to accept the disastrous performance facts on D11. The disaster was compounded with the purchase of the second unit, D12. This purchase of generators from Alstrom was clearly the worst Investment ever made by BEC,” Mr. Roberts said.

Both parties have traded jabs over the past several weeks over instances of corruption within both parties.



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