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Road Paving Project begins in New Providence

Motorists in New Providence can look forward to “smoother” drives.

The Ministry of Works has embarked on a road paving project in New Providence which encompasses main arteries and some side streets.

The project’s scope of works entails all New Providence streets that have been in a “poor” state for a while and which are on the paving schedule. They include Farrington Road, Culbert’s Hill, Bernard Road, Eastern Road, Village Road, Nassau Street, East Bay Street, West Bay Street, a portion of Tonique Williams Darling Highway and more.

Ryan Rahming, General Manager, Bahamix, said, “We want to focus on those streets so that we can provide a ‘trafficable’ road for motorists. The project is trying to zero-in and focus on making the streets smoother to drive on.”

Bahamix, the Government’s road paving contractors, recently completed road paving on Providence Avenue and Russell Road. It is anticipated that other side streets will be included.

In addition to a major construction overhaul by Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), road paving was recently carried out in Willow Tree Avenue, Pinewood Gardens.

“They changed old lines and upgraded services throughout pinewood Gardens,” said Mr. Rahming.

Following the work by WSC, Bahamix conducted a milling process prior to paving Willow Tree Avenue.

The process included removal of the old layer of asphalt and the addition of overlay of  1-1/2 thickness of new asphalt.

“There are more streets within Pinewood that we have to address but we particularly focused on Willow Tree Avenue. That street was milled and unpaved for a while,” he said.

Bahamix will resume paving in Pinewood Gardens once WSC has completed ongoing utility work there.

The road paving is being conducted simultaneously with utility companies. Mr. Rahming said the traffic plan for Willow Tree Avenue worked very well and the intent for road paving in other areas is to use a shift work system during evening and early morning hours to minimize delays. Residents will receive advanced notice of upcoming road works.

Approximately $7 plus million are being pumped into paving New Providence roads.

Utility companies and the road paving contractors are expected to coordinate work prior to paving of roads.

Mr. Rahming underscored that once Bahamix has completed paving, no company should “disturb” the work as a result of poor infrastructure planning.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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