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Restoration Efforts On Target

Shane Gibson (2)

After social and technical assessments in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, recovery teams have been deployed throughout the devastated areas within the country, according to National Disaster Recovery Coordinator and Labour Minister Shane Gibson.

Mr. Gibson said the government is on target in its effort to restore the country to a state of normalcy.

“We’ve sent out teams already in the 23 constituencies in New Providence and also in the major family islands impacted like Andros, Grand Bahama, Exuma, and other islands not impacted greatly but had some damage,” Mr. Gibson pointed out.

“Immediately after the hurricane, we cleared the debris from the roads. We are trying to move through the entire island in the various zones to remove all of the large debris and then have a small team going with the pickup of the small debris,” he added.

The minister meantime urged residents to assist in getting rid of the bulk waste.

“We are asking residents to separate the bulk waste from the green waste because we have created three temporary sites for the green waste. Instead of having them go to the main landfill, we’re creating three temporary sites,” he said.

“In addition to that,  we had some residents  who decided to dump the waste in the various constituencies on empty lots just for convienance. So we started the process yesterday clearing up those lots because they were creating hazards and nuisance in the areas. Hopefully within the next two to three weeks we will have the entire island cleaned up,”said Mr. Gibson.

Additionally the minister said the issuance of vouchers for individuals who qualified for material assistance will soon begin; while contracts will be issued to those who qualify for material and labour assistance.

Meanwhile, in responding to critics who have said that a committee should be formed to oversee how funds are being spent in regards to recovery efforts, Mr Gibson said he is not moved by such talks.

Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis recently expressed scepticism about Minister Gibson’s appointment as the nation’s restoration and recovery coordinator; suggesting that he cannot be trusted.

“If you can bring me a balanced view on what we are doing in these areas, and you are criticizing those, then I will respond. Until that time, I’m not prepared to respond. I have a lot of work ahead of me and I will not be distracted and lose my focus as a result of people who all day on the radio criticize. As a matter of fact you don’t ever hear them say anything good. When somebody comes and they want to talk sense they go quiet. I’m not prepared to follow them. Right now I have work to do, and we’re trying to remain focused and get it done. We are about restoring the lives of Bahamians, not answering the critics,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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