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Residents Disagree With Stigma

All you have to say are the names Bain Town, Nassau Village or Pinewood Gardens and immediately some people think crime.

Residents of these areas are speaking out and they feel as if the labels are not fair.

“You can’t just label something based on what you perceive,” said Bains Town resident Cyrus Gardener.

“The problem we have is a lot of people from different areas coming into our communities, they don’t live here.”

Residents say there is negativity everywhere and what needs to be done is the eradication of the root of the negativity, many of which feel stems from idle individuals.

Although many of the gangs in the country are said to have bedrocks in these areas but residents hold that their stigma comes from outsiders.

Pinewood resident Phillip Wallace felt the same way.

“I’ve lived here for 14 years, in my area everything is fine, no problems here,” he said.

“People come from other areas to commit mischief.”

According to Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade certain communities in the capital have been labelled and this is just something they must deal with.

“Many times when they’re not from the area they commit the crime, they are quite mobile,” said Mr. Greensalde.

“That is the reality we have to deal with.”

Yesterday one of the two suspects believed to be responsible for shooting the deputy prime minister’s body guard was arrested in the Nassau Village area.

Over the past few weeks police have been making a more concerted effort by carrying out walkabouts, many which have been yielding very positive outcomes.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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