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QC Says Smith Should Be Compensated

Immediately following the trial Frank Smith, his family and supporters were over joyed that this 14-month trial had come to an end. He expressed to reporters thathe was thankful the trial was over.

“Firstly, I am grateful to God almighty who is my shield and my sword. I want to thank my wife, my family, of course my legal team, my leader Phillip Brave Davis, Prime Minister in waiting whenever the next election is called.

“I want to say that there will be many opportunities to speak about what has happened over the recent months since the general elections,” he said.

Smith’s lead attorney Keith Knight QC did not confirm whether Smith will sue the government, but he did say that the government should give him something for his pain and suffering.

“For all that he has suffered for so long, somebody ought to take some responsibility and as so far as money can repair his reputation, then there ought to be an appropriate sum, not that he should sue for, but should be offered to him as a settlement.

Speaking for his nephew was former MP George Smith who told reporters outside of the magistrate’s court thatthe last seventeen months the Smith family was subject to was a great travesty to the values of The Bahamas.

“I believe, and I have come to this opinion quite some time ago that Barbra Hanna was a pathetic lady desperate to get some money.

“So, she goes to see Duane Sands who then came up with this grand plan to convince the Bahamian people that members of the Progressive Liberal Party were corrupt.

“This whole thing was conceived in Duane Sand’s mind. He took advantage of this unfortunate pathetic lady, he had a colleague so intent on assisting him in it that the both of them violated the tenet of their oaths asministers of the crown,” he said.    

Mr. Smith further opined that both the Minister of Health and the Minister of National Security should resign from their cabinet appointed posts.

He added that the government was paying lead prosecutor Edward Jenkins QC some $45,000 a day to represent this case.

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