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Potter’s Cay Dock to undergo $3.1 Million Redevelopment Project

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation’s Port Department announced a $3.1 million project yesterday geared towards revamping the eastern end of Potter’s Cay Dock.

Minister of Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin sanctioned the three-phased development plan, stating that she believes it will bring order to “organized chaos” that has been occurring at the dock for a number of years.

“Potter’s Cay is an historic facility that has undergone significant changes over the years. It has evolved into a unique, multiple use space featuring recreational, native dining, commercial ferries, produce exchange, seed and fertilizer depot, fish market, and hosting the iconic mail boat system. It is now a major social and commercial spot, where thousands of Bahamians visit and work,” Mrs. Hanna-Martin said.

“During the phase, renovation and extension of the fish and farm store will begin. This building will be extended by 150ft to accommodate mail boat operators and agents. This extension will accommodate freight holdings, bulkhead curbings, passenger waiting area and bathrooms will be installed. The idea is to create an environment that is conducive to good business, as clients engage operators in this iconic institution that has done more than any other to link our archipelago,” she added.

The minister also noted that the project would ultimately result in a more secure facility with the establishment of security checkpoints at the newly renovated mail boat area. The police station, she said, will also be open 24 hours.
In light of the recent tragedy and tragedies that have occurred in the past, Mrs. Hanna-Martin said permanent curbing will be put in place at the dock’s edge to avoid any unfortunate incidents occurring at the dock.

As a result of the public-private partnership, Potter’s Cay Dock will be “pedestrianized,” Mrs. Hanna-Martin stated, which will have an effect on vendors as patrons will be forced to use the newly renovated parking that will be put in place.
“In the final phase, the causeway will be repaired and rehabilitated. The dock entry would be widened. Sidewalk, stripping, signage, drainage wells and additional landscaping will be installed. This phase will see the complete redirecting of traffic to the general parking area,” the minister said.

Estate Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources Stephen Wilson confirmed that some vendors have begun the process of upgrading their stalls in preparation for the new developments.

Mrs. Hanna-Martin, who disclosed that surveyors have already begun marking the area for these developments, said the restoration of the historical Bladen’s Battery located at the centre of the eastern end of Potter’s Cay Dock will also take place which will be transformed into a tourist attraction.

Senior Archaeologist at the National Museum of The Bahamas Michael Pateman said renovations for the historical site will take about two months at a cost of $60,000.

“Potter’s Cay has been transformed from a security outpost, to the mega multi-use facility it is today. Over the years it has grown in popularity to become a major commercial facility. The growth of this multi-use facility has not been without problems. It is largely undermanaged, crowded and congested. The infrastructure is in bad need of repair,” Mrs. Hanna-Martin said.

Mrs. Hanna-Martin said the re-development of Potter’s Cay Dock should take about 16 months to complete.
She said the first order of business, following surveyor and electricity and water supply assessments, is the removal of debris and derelict vessels from around the area.

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