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Police to Strictly Enforce New Traffic Regulations

The new traffic regulations became effective yesterday and Chief Superintendent Craig Stubbs warned motorists that police will strictly enforce those regulations, which made it illegal to use cell phones while driving.

Stubbs told The Bahama Journal that there were no major concerns with motorists yesterday concerning the new regulations and it will take police about a week to make their assessments. 

In addition to the ban of cell phone use while driving, the new traffic regulations also prohibit having open bottle containers in vehicles, allow left turns on red lights and enforce the proper use of the yellow junction box.

Stubbs said the new regulations would assist greatly with road safety.

“It would look at cutting down a lot of the minor accidents.  Or, sometimes there’s a fatal accident all because persons just engage in cell phone use.  So that aspect of the law and the open bottle container, as it relates to the alcoholic beverage, we look at those initiatives there to help and decrease the traffic accidents we see on the streets of New Providence,” he explained.

As it relates to the left turn and the junction box, Stubbs said they are there to a reduce traffic congestion at major junctions or intersections.

“Those initiatives are there to help alleviate the high volume of traffic waiting to proceed.  At those corridors we have a left turn only or the junction box.  Many times persons speed away, not clear at the intersection and they still proceed forward and they block the intersection causing other vehicles to be unable to proceed on their journey,” he said.

“So the junction box is ideal.  We would be enforcing those and the mobile device, open bottle container.  Those are infractions we would really be enforcing them.  I think the public had much time to educate themselves.”

Stubbs wants to remind motorists that fines for the traffic offences are very steep. 

“Junction box is $300.  Open bottle container and cell phone device is $500,” he said.  

For motorists who are still confused as to how to use the yellow junction box, Stubbs explained that it is simple.

“Let’s use the East Street, Robinson Road corridor.  If you are traveling southbound on East Street, you reach the traffic light by Robinson Road, East Street intersection.  You look ahead of you.  There is no place for you to proceed because traffic is now backed up.  You are not to proceed across the intersection in the yellow box to block up traffic, if traffic has to go either eastbound or westbound on Robinson Road,” he explained.

“Cause when you do that you’re causing the other vehicles now who want to travel westbound onto Robinson Road towards Baillou Hill Road, they cannot move because you blocked the intersection and no vehicles could move.  

“Take your time, be patient, allow traffic to move out.  Don’t mind those persons in the back of you blowing their horns telling you ‘go, go, go, traffic light.’ If you are caught in that junction box stationary, you will be ticketed for the offence.

“If the way is clear to make a right turn, right turn only, then you could enter the junction box and make your right turn.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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