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PM’s Board Excuse “Unacceptable”


Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney said while his party sympathises with Prime Minister Perry Christie over the passing of his mother-in-law, her illness was not an excuse to delay the appointment of statutory boards.

Mr. McCartney’s comments echo the Free National Movement’s (FNM) recent criticisms over the delay.

Mr. McCartney, a former state minister, held a news conference at his Halsbury Chambers law firm yesterday.

“I am a bit concerned that to date the chairman of the boards have not been appointed. But that is to be expected from this government. It happened the last time and it is the same thing that is happening now. I don’t think, quite frankly, that the government will do what they said they would do in the first 100 days. It was certainly a good election ploy. But I hope they do,” he said.

“On behalf of the party, we do extend our condolences to the prime minister and his family, to the Hanna family and the Burrows family and in particular to Bernadette Christie. We do sympathise with them at this time. But business goes on and that’s not acceptable.” 

The DNA chief also said even though the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) promised the Bahamian electorate that it would be ready to govern on day one it has delayed in resolving the country’s most pressing issue – crime.

“Crime is a very serious issue,” Mr. McCartney said. “I think they were very adamant about having a safe Bahamas. The fact of the matter is we are not a safe Bahamas. And the fact of the matter is that murders – and it seems overall crime – have certainly increased over the last few months.

“We just recently had a situation with concerns to rape and I was very disappointed to say the least that the information was not given to the public regarding the serial rapists in our country. I would encourage the police or whoever is responsible for that to be a bit more responsible when it comes down to the protection of the Bahamian people.”

The country has recorded 69 murders so far. Earlier this week a man was chopped to death in a machete attack in Exuma.

Several women were also raped in June.

The police failed to notify the public of the serial rapists and only did so when the media reported the incidents.

Recently, the DNA revealed its shadow cabinet, which was assembled to hold the Christie administration accountable when it comes to national issues.

But Mr. McCartney stressed that his party would not criticise the government unnecessarily.

“Their job is solely to keep an eye on the different portfolios and be the spokespersons on behalf of the Bahamian people for the different portfolios, commend the government when it is doing well, encourage the government when they seem to need encouragement and certainly give recommendation when it is needed and give constructive criticism,” he said.

“We have a country that is plagued with serious issues, crime and the fear of crime, joblessness in the country and a number of social issues and we want to be able to be in a position where we can assist the government where we can.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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