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It has been  no secret,  the Minnis administration has received  fierce push back to its decision to increase Value Added Tax (VAT)  and that came  from outside and inside the governing party;  particularly from  Free National Movement  Members of Parliament  Reece Chipman, Vaughn Miller, Frederick McAlpine and Travis Robinson.


In hopes of getting the Members of Parliament to see things his way, Prime Minister Doctor Hubert Minnis  yesterday  urged MPs  to vote their conscience, charging that a no vote means sacrificing the future of the country.


“If  your conscience tells you that you do not want a future for young people, then  you  will  vote no,” he said.


“Much of this budget may not be expedient, nor popular, nor safe, nor politic, but conscience tells me that we are doing the right thing for the people that I love,with all my heart and soul.


“We are doing the right thing for current and future generations,” he added.


The Prime Minister stressed that the budget is not about VAT, but more about the future of Bahamians.


However, the opposition contended that Dr. Minnis has failed to persuade even his own backbenchers to vote yes.


“It  is clear that they have not been able to persuade their back benchers that what they’re doing is right, and I dare say that there are a number of them who are sitting right in there, had it been for any other reason probably were saying no to themselves, said PLP Leader, Philip Davis.


“I’m happy that he called on the conscience, and see whether or not those people will yield toward what their  conscience is telling them today,” he added.


“Obliviously it appears to be some messaging to the back benchers, but it was interesting how the reference to his conscience rose to the top and then the pressure appears to have come to bear on those who were saying they’re going  according to their conscience,” said Member of Parliament for Englerston, Glenys Hanna- Martin.


“So we’ll see how the conscience thing  plays out upstairs.”


The Progressive Liberal Party MPs  said they  are voting no to all tax increases.






Written by Jones Bahamas

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