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PM Should Resign, Says Minnis

Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, among others, on Friday called for the resignation of Prime Minister Perry Christe, after observing the circumstances surrounding the recent resignation of British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

After last week Thursday’s referendum in which the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), Britain’s prime minister who had urged the country to vote remain, announced his resignation effective October.

After this move by Mr. Cameron, here in the Bahamas, numerous individuals have likened this situation to the circumstances surrounding the country’s recent failed gender equality referendum; and is now calling on Prime Minister Perry Christie to resign after leading an unsuccessful referendum.

Dr. Minnis said not only should Mr. Christie resign, but every member of the government who played a major role in pushing the referendum.

“David Cameron shows the kind of leadership that we want Perry Christie to possess. In our prime minister’s case, he has had the people rebuke his leadership and vision, twice, resoundingly with referendum failure and he does nothing. He does nothing but continue to try to cling onto power,” Dr. Minnis said.

“During a general election, the Bahamian people vote one party or another. They vote their conscience. We accept the outcome. They vote us in and they vote us out. During the referendum, leaders and would be leaders were pushing yes. The people rejected them, and so just like in a general election, they should resign,” he added.

Meantime, Dr. Minnis reiterated his stance throughout the gender equality referendum campaign.

“I want the people to remember what I said. ‘I trust the Bahamian people and they must be well informed after which they must vote their conscience.’ Perry Christie and would be leaders, were running a yes vote and they were rejected. So they should do the honourable thing and seek a new mandate from the Bahamian people,” Dr. Minnis insisted.

In addition to Dr. Minnis, Attorney and Advocate of the NO campaign, Paul Moss, said after observing the UK referendum and the resignation of its prime minister, he calls on Mr. Christie to follow suit.

Mr. Moss said the prime minister has three choices.

“Resign forthwith naming a date for it; call a general elction before this current register dies. elections should be held in August;  resign as leader of the PLP in the run up to the elections scheduled for 2017,” charged Mr. Moss.

Mr. Moss added that in any case, the prime minister should not lead a new government should the Progressive Liberal Party be successful in the next general election, and called for Mr. Christie to think country first.

“David Cameron has put his country above himself. We have a situation here, where our prime minister is putting himself above our country. This country needs to move forward and we need to demonstrate to all and sundry, particularly young people, that when you have this result, there are consequences that follow and you should follow the Westminster System,” Mr. Moss added.

Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney, after numerous calls previously, again on Friday called for the resignation of the prime minister.

Mr. McCartney said that the Bahamian people deserve a government that respects their wishes and does not go contrary to their will.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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