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PM Says Abortion Is A Choice

Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis

By Keile Campbell
Journal Staff Writer

In the aftermath of the revelation concerning the 11-year-old who took an abortion pill after
she became pregnant after being raped by her mother’s 45-year-old boyfriend, Prime Minister
Philip Davis, in response to the question of whether Bahamian laws should be adjusted to
consider such circumstances, said the laws on the books are clear cut.
“The laws are on the books, abortion is still a crime, rape is still a crime and carrying very
hefty, hefty penalties. I don’t know what other mischief that the law does not cover. The laws
are on the books. It’s heinous, the penalties are stiff, and once the laws are applied, at the
moment, I don’t see the need for any amendment once the laws are in place. That’s why the
persons involved were able to be charged,” Prime Minister Davis said.
When pressed on if the government considers how the victim would be affected, the prime
minister, a veteran lawyer, said it is a medical matter and that ultimately, the response to that
situation would be a personal choice for the individual.
“That will be a medical matter for me to consider. For me, where the issue of abortion is a
highly emotive one. It’s a personal choice, and we leave that to the persons who get
impregnated, and I don’t want to impose my views on a personal choice. But suffice it to say,
I will support a personal choice of anyone in respect of those matters,” he said.
Last week, in the wake of Bahamians outraged at the incident involving the 11-year-old, first
vice president of the Bahamas Christian Council (BBC) said the BCC would oppose any
legislation change on abortion and cited their belief in the “sanctity of life.”
Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe said he expects police to investigate the rape of
the 11-year-old girl as well as the abortion.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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