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PM remains mum on plane crash incident

Press Secretary, Anthony Newbold, at the weekly press briefing on Tuesday revealing limited information when questioned about the government’s conflicting views on search efforts in the wake of the crash.

However, he reiterated Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis’ commitment to conduct a full review of what has happened.

“We know that there are two investigations ongoing now,” he said.

“Once those reports have been completed it will be reviewed and recommendations, decisions made as to what happened,” he added.

“There’s lots of talk as the prime minister said two days ago, in the public and the media about that plane crash and the way it’s been handled. 

“Of course the prime minister has spoken with the family, I have spoken with the family you know the person in question, the son of a former colleague of ours, Agnes Ferguson, and so everybody wants the family to have some closure.

“And the prime minister is going to wait for those investigations to be completed, they will be reviewed and everything that has happened will be addressed.”

Again, as the prime minister indicated in his statement on the issue, Mr. Newbold said more will be revealed once the investigation is complete. 

“It won’t serve anybody to continue talking about it until those investigations are done and a review is completed on everything that was done, how it was done, what should have been done, and then the prime minister will weigh in about that crash but he’s not minded to add any fuel to the fire.”

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