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PM: Next Election Crucial

pm eleuthera

pm eleutheraThe upcoming general election may be more pivotal than any other election in the country’s history, according to Prime Minister Perry Christie.


Mr. Christie’s comments came as he addressed scores of Progressive Liberal Party supporters in the P.A. Gibson Primary School Courtyard in Alice Town, Eleuthera during a joint constituency meeting.


The nation’s leader used the sentiment to issue a rally cry towards all Progressive Liberal Party generals, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming General Election.


“The only way you are able to win an election is that you have to work with every household, every voter to ensure that you have given yourself the best opportunity to win.


“So I am now giving the mandate to Clay and to Butch, this is an important general election, the future of our country is at stake, we can’t turn back from the progress we are making in this country, there should be no turning back,” Mr. Christie said.


Mr. Christie then went on to speak to the potential of the island of Eleuthera as he said multiple investments are on deck for the island and the surrounding cays.


He singled out Harbour Island, which continues to win international awards for the best travel destination in the region.


He added that its potential in tourism, agriculture and fisheries is nearly unmatched and added the strengthening of the local Family Island economies will allow more Bahamians with Family Island ties who are working it what he described as an “overcrowded” New Providence to have a reason to move back home.


Flanking the prime minister for most of the night were former Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Clifford “Butch” Scavella the party’s standard bearer for South and Central Eleuthera and Entrepreneur Clay Sweeting who has gotten the PLP’s nod to run on the ticket in North Eleuthera.


Mr. Christie touted Mr. Scavella for his contributions to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in the time he served as the man in charge and recognized Mr. Sweeting as becoming one of the top young businessmen in the country, achieving several successful business ventures all before the age of 35.


Mr. Christie expressed his confidence in both candidates and their ability to secure their seats in the upcoming general election.


A sentiment both candidates reiterated in their speeches, adding that there will be a twin victory for the island of Eleuthera in 2017.


“My popularity hard work and commitment show that I can defeat the candidate that opposes me, a few of us the ability to make history but all of us can work to change a portion of events so I call upon you to elect Butch Scavella and Clay Sweeting for the island of Eleuthera,” Mr. Scavella said.


“The FNM has had this seat since 1987, we have 30 years of FNM representation it is now time to elect someone that can sit around the table and make decisions on behalf of you for the betterment of North Eleuthera, it’s time to kick the FNM out,” Mr. Sweeting said.


The PLP is expected to hold another joint branch meeting at the Sadie Curtis Primary School this evening.






Written by Jones Bahamas

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