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PM Minnis: Role of the Church perhaps more critical “in our lifetime”

The role of the Church is perhaps more critical “in our lifetime” than at any other point. As a result, the Church must uphold holiness at all times, Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis said Monday.

“Today we live in a world where so many standards are compromised. Many persons prefer shortcuts or the easy way out,” Prime Minister Minnis said. “There is no substitute or compromise.”

Addressing the Opening Session of the 36th Annual General Assembly of the Voice of Deliverance Ministries held at Voice of Deliverance, Deliverance Way, Malcolm Allotment, Prime Minister Minnis said the General Assembly’s Theme of “Upholding the Legacy of Holiness, Building on a Solid Foundation,” was both appropriate and timely.

“We must find the formula to return to those practices which made us Christians in our homes and neighbourhoods,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

“We somehow seemed closer before we built neighbourhood walls and fences. We just seemed closer when we sat on the porch and knew our neighbours. I recall when it was possible to ask the neighbour for a piece of onion or some tomato paste. We were closer. We cared and shared.

“Today, we are challenged by social media which sometimes tends to separate us in many ways. Somehow it seems that everyone has a cell phone and rather than family gatherings around the table, everyone is on the phone in his or her own agenda.

“We may have more gadgets; we may have more tools; we may have modernization; we may have more ideas and programmes, but we still need God.

“I want to encourage you to uphold those Godly standards and principles (as) we are reminded in Holy Scriptures: Hebrews 12:14: “Holiness, without which, no man shall see the Lord.”

Prime Minister Minnis said some of those principles and teachings include: honesty is the best policy; work hard for whatever you want in life; honour thy Father and Mother; remember good manners at all times; never place your basket higher than you can reach; always attire yourself properly; embrace opportunities for personal development and growth; abstain from profanity, and the body is a Temple of the Lord.

“God’s people are a unique and peculiar people,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

The Prime Minister said the Over-the-Hill Community Development Partnership Initiative, launched December 4 (2017) with the distribution of tablets at the Willard Patton Pre-School, is part of the Minnis Administration’s strategy of returning Over-the-Hill communities to those practices “which made us Christians in our homes and neighbourhoods.”

Another key component of the Initiative focuses on Community Development such as the restoration of the Southern Recreation Grounds.

“My friends, because of my past experiences, I know of the potential that lies within us. I am determined to make a difference in our Over-the-Hill Communities. Hence, the Over-the-Hill Rejuvenation Programme, which is being operated out of the Office of the Prime Minister. This programme strikes at the heart of our problems and issues,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

Facilitated by officials of the Economic Development and Planning Unit, Office of the Prime Minister, the Programme is built on six pillars which include: Social Empowerment (through the implementation of anti-poverty policies and practices); Economic Empowerment (through the creation of jobs and ownership opportunities for Bahamians), and Rejuvenation, improving the physical surroundings, including upgrades to historical and cultural assets.

Other initiatives include the Use of Smart Technology; the Empowerment of the Youth and Elderly by investing in social interventions; and the use of Green Technology.

“I recall what life used to be Over-the-Hill, filled with love and promise,” Prime Minister Minnis said. “Together, we can and will make a difference. “Better days are ahead of us.”

Prime Minister Minnis also applauded Chief Apostle Leon Wallace, Presiding Prelate and Founder of Voice of Deliverance Ministries for his “exemplary” leadership and vision. Prime Minister Minnis also thanked Minister Leona Wallace, the Chief Apostle’s wife, for “faithfully standing by” the Chief Apostle’s side.

“I should like to take this opportunity to commend Chief Apostle Wallace, Mar Abraham (Apostolic title), Presiding Prelate and Founder for his great work.

“Apostle Wallace, I imagine when you started this work 36 years ago, many thought you would never see this day, but with God, all things are possible. Indeed, God is good. Sir I salute you for your exemplary leadership and vision.

“I wish also to congratulate his best friend and partner in Ministry, Minister Leona Wallace. She has faithfully stood by his side.

“Leadership is never easy. It requires patience, sacrifice, and above all, Godly wisdom. Once again Sir, thank you for all you do for so many through your ministry. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel to assist his people,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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