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PM: Justice Is Being Challenged

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday said that justice in the country is being challenged as a result of the number of people charged with serious criminal offenses being released on bail and subsequently killed and he outlined what his administration is doing to bring about speedier trials to reduce the incidents of crime and the number of criminals released back on the streets.

Mr. Christie said it is now a kill or be killed situation whereas the murder suspects released on bail as they await trial are being killed.

His comments come on the heels of the murder of murder suspect Rolando Smith whose bullet-riddled body was found behind a preschool in Ridgeland Park East Tuesday.

Smith, who is accused of the April 13, 2013 murder of Julian Collie, was out on bail for that crime.

“There is a revolving door that the justice system who hears me now must take into consideration when it comes down to the balance of the constitution and the rights of the individual to know that there is sufficient evidence for all of us to see clearly that when people allegedly kill and are charged because you are innocent until proven guilty that because the system fails in not having trials in sufficient periods of time – which is three years, they are admitted to bail and they are killed. So it is kill or be killed,” Mr. Christie said.

The prime minister again touted the government’s Swift Justice Programme which is meant to reduce incidents of crime and bring about greater efficiency in the judicial system and he foreshadowed that there will be significant movement in the judiciary with the introduction of ten criminal courts set to come on stream.

“We have now to assign justices to ensure that we have nine or ten courts running concurrently so that the excuse of people not having trials in sufficient time can be put behind us,” Mr. Christie said. “We know our country’s reputation is being heavily dampened – our young people are having their lives taken…they are all victims, the ones who kill the ones who are killed. We are all responsible for finding the formula to address it.”

Mr. Christie also announce that the government will hire public defenders and this will be institutionalised in order to ensure those unable to afford an attorney will not have their trials delayed.

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