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PM: Govt Working to Improve Investment Policies

Journal Staff Writer

The second Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF) began a two-day meeting in the capital on
Monday evening at the Atlantis Paradise Island’s Grand Ballroom.
Over 500 attendees from 40 countries along with 45 institutional investors are currently in
country with the aim to share, learn, prepare and finalize business and investment deals that
support regional transformation to a bold new Caribbean.
Prime Minister Phillip Davis, with a busy day on Monday, was also the keynote speaker at the
CIF’s opening ceremony. He told attendees that based on the faith in the potential of the nation to
attract and leverage investments, the government has begun a revamp of investment policies.
“We maintain that we are a top contender, providing fertile ground for profitable ventures. We
pride ourselves on being a preferred investment jurisdiction. At our core lies a passionate and
skilled workforce, always striving for excellence. In financial services, for example, we are
among the highest rates of per capita expertise in the world. An educated, talented, and
innovative workforce providing services at the highest standards. This is what fuels our
innovative financial services and wealth management offerings and has driven innovations like
our digital assets and registered exchange regulations. We see similar levels of talent throughout
our nation that when combined with competitive advantages such as our strategic proximity to
the United States and our tax neutral status makes us an ideal locale for savvy investors,” Prime
Minister Davis told attendees.
He asserted that The Bahamas is a committed partner for all countries in the region and each
country has its own selling point which makes the prospect of investing in the region so
“We have come together, in the spirit of CARICOM, to champion the Caribbean as a haven for
investments and develop integrated regional strategies that align with our developmental goals.
Such integration is not just a philosophical concept, but a tangible goal that necessitates
investments across all sectors. From creating sustainable energy solutions that empower our
communities, to building resilient agriculture systems, and fostering regional tourism synergies,
we are committed to building up our CARICOM community through strategic investments that
will uplift our people and elevate our business environment,” Prime Minister Davis said.
The nation’s leader contends that this forum is a launching pad for regional partnerships, a
cornerstone for innovation and a foundation for a brighter and more prosperous Caribbean future.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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