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PM Expresses Disappointment In Rollins

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday expressed in disappointment in Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins who has publicly blasted the government over the Gaming Legislation that was passed in the House of Assembly yesterday.

Dr. Rollins, who was fired earlier this month as Chairman of the Gaming Board, has repeatedly accused his party of drafting the bill in secrecy and he has charged that the bill discriminates against Bahamians.

Just yesterday, the Fort Charlotte MP used a car rental analogy to assert that the legislation favours foreigners over Bahamians.

“This legislation is saying that Bahamians or those ordinarily resident can only ride the car over-the-hill and those who come to visit this country can rent the car at Avis or Dollar or whatever we have at the airport and ride the car over to Paradise Island or Cable Beach, “Dr. Rollins said in the House of Assembly. “I didn’t say that it had anything to do with the speed, I said it had to do with access and this bill says that Bahamians or those ordinarily resident in this country can only access over-the-hill.”

In recent weeks, Dr. Rollins has suggested that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is need of new leadership and he accused Prime Minister Christie of threatening those within the party with dissenting views.

However, Prime Minister Christie denied that he has ever tried to muzzle those who disagree with him.

“He knows the confidence I have in him, he knows the confidence I have in his ability,” the prime minister said. “His mother knows the confidence I have in his ability. He knows the extent to which I personally am responsible for his nomination.”

“I don’t take away from him his right to speak…I don’t want to, that’s not my style. But just allow me to be who I am. In all my imperfections, allow me to be who I am.”

Dr. Rollins was the only government member who voted no yesterday while Renward Wells, MP for Bamboo Town, who has publicly stated that he opposes the legislation in its current form, was absent during Monday’s vote.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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