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PM and Mt. Tabour Honour 40 “Fabulous” Fathers

The country has a need for strong fathers and father figures in the lives of many of the nation’s youth, Prime Minister Perry Christie said.

The prime minister was speaking at the Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church Honours the Fabulous 40 in “Celebrating Our Fathers” at the Sheraton Hotel, Cable Beach on Friday.

Mount Tabor under the leadership of its Senior Pastor Bishop Neil C. Ellis, in conjunction with the 40th Independence Committee, recognised and highlighted 40 distinguished men from throughout The Bahamas who stand out in their role as fathers and father figures and who have made contributions to the ongoing development of the nation.

“Mount Tabor has chosen 40 men of distinction from all spheres of society across the archipelago to honour and recognise as leading examples of good products,” the prime minister said during his remarks.
“Bishop Ellis and his church are doing a great thing by recognising and uplifting fathers as part of the 40th Anniversary of Independence celebrations.”
He said the men who are nation builders and have, during the course of their lives, made a significant impact on the country’s development through contributions within their various areas of expertise.
“These men are beacons in their communities and have raised children and grandchildren to follow their examples as leaders and trendsetters,” Prime Minister Christie said.
“The theme for the country’s anniversary celebrations is ‘The Bridge to the Future, the Journey Continues’. The 40 fathers here all began their journey for their children, families and for their country. It is now up to the younger generation whose lives these men have impacted, to continue the country’s journey.”
He added that the honourees have done exceptional work over the years and the younger generation must see this as a challenge and surpass the honourees’ success.
The Prime Minister also noted that the nation faces many challenges including the absence of fathers in many homes and in the lives of their children.
“We cannot underestimate the important roles fathers play. While we do need more police officers on patrol, fewer guns on the street, more money for good education, and more extra-curricular programmes for our children, we also need to recognise the crucial role the family plays in helping to mitigate crime, and raise well-adjusted contributing members of society.”
Prime Minister Christie said for the country to continue on its path towards excellence, there must be a devotion to emphasising the importance of the family and the need to have fathers and father figures present in the lives of young people.
“Many of our honourees are religious leaders, who have become father figures to their members, others are involved in education, sports or culture shape young minds and lead teens and groups.”
Prime Minister Christie explained that often when fatherhood is discussed, individuals think about the relationship of a father and his son.
“From our fathers we learn about manhood, and it is after them that we often pattern ourselves.”
He added, “Fathers must also be aware that they are models of manhood for their daughters. It is from her father that a daughter first learns how a man should treat her.”
The prime minister said a strong father has respect for the mother of his children, and fathers help to raise better children when they treat their wives as equals, showing children that mothers’ contributions and opinions are as important.
He explained that being good fathers also require them having compassion.
“Compassion is the key to our humanity. We must in all things be compassionate men,” the prime minister said.
“Good fathers and good leaders also have good work ethic. I learned from my father that nothing worth having comes easily; hard work is necessary to achieve great things.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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