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“PLP Machinery dead,” says Smith

keod smith_PLP machinery dead

Former Mount Moriah MP Keod Smith’s accused the Progressive Liberal Party’s machinery of being somewhat dead – not really answering the issues that arise.

“When you are in opposition politics you need to stick it,  so to speak to whatever the issue points are.

“You must necessarily go and get everyone on board and unless you have everyone on board, doing everything that they possibly can, there is no way you can do it on your own if you are just purely in opposition. 

“I’m not talking about only four men in parliament,” he said. 

Mr. Smith added that if forced to do so, he would sift through everything that has been wrong over the past two years.

“At this particular stage,  for the sake of The Bahamas,  I have to say what I’m saying because unless it is said in a public forum, it is not going to change. 

“Unfortunately, the way political organizations go, it is your friends; it’s not about the best man or woman;  it’s about who you like as suppose to what is necessary.

“That is a huge problem and unless or until it is said and for people like me, I am different, I’m not looking to them for anything for me personally.  I’m not afraid of anybody in the PLP or in the FNM for that matter, but when it is that it is not said, then it is then not done,” Mr. Smith said.      

When asked the biggest challenge for the PLP Mr. Smith said, “getting all the members of its organization who count and I’m not saying people who are involved do not count, don’t get me wrong. However, the people who can lend to the discussion, people who can snap a finger and you can have 10 or 1500 people and that the PLP don’t stray from its duty to organize. 

“It’s about organizing, that’s what politics is about;  but people don’t understand, it’s about organizing and not just having a talking head but you’ve got to organize.”

“You also have to have people, not just meeting in the PLP headquarters on PLP meetings. That’s a part of it when you’re building an infrastructure. There is a base for the PLP,” he said. 

Mr. Smith, an attorney, served as Best Commission Chairman during the first Christie Administration.

His comments came during an appearance on the Love 97 evening talk show “On Point” with hosts Wendall Jones and Godfrey Eneas.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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