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PLP- Getting Their Act Together

The current government should by now have announced the names of the men and women who would head-up this or that law-mandated Corporation or Board.

Now at the midpoint of the first 100 days, Prime Minister Perry Christie has yet to appoint Chairmen to head the Boards of three important Public Corporations: The Bahamas Electricity Corporation, the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas and the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

The system we have is one where while the struggle for office and seat in Parliament is intense, the related struggle to determine who is to get what share of the spoils is all the more grueling.

None of this excuses the new administration for its complex of delinquencies.

It must take responsibility and mend its ways.

Anything other than this condemns them to a fate where they will be tarred with that same old brush that was used with such finesse in that other time [2002-2007] when they governed.

At this juncture, all we know for sure is that continued delay may – in time- constitute one of this administration’s more egregious political failings.

Things have come to that point where the Bahamian people are owed an explanation from the current administration concerning their continuing failure to make complete the transition from one administration to another.
In addition, this still-new administration must be up and doing in the work that it is statutorily obliged to do under the Constitution of The Bahamas.

Clearly, this new administration should have by now completed filling all the posts that were left vacated in the immediate aftermath of their coming to power.

Failure to do what they could have and should have done has therefore brought vitally important government agencies in vise-like position where both stasis and paralysis now loom.

This is bad news not only for Mr. Christie’s legacy, but for all who would support him in his overall goal of making things better for the masses of the Bahamian people.

Prime Minister Christie and his advisors are now caught smack dab in the middle of a fire-storm of criticism.

Some of it comes – as it should – from its political nemeses; with the Free National Movement clearly in the vanguard of this effort.

As that party puffs and scoffs: “…They won the election; already theirs is a pyrrhic victory. They were not ready on Day I. Mr. Christie failed, for a second time, to meet the Constitutional requirement to appoint an Attorney General on the first day of his Government’s return to office, that is, on the same day that he was sworn in as Prime Minister.

“Now at the midpoint of the first 100 days, he has yet to appoint Chairmen to head the Boards of three important Public Corporations: The Bahamas Electricity Corporation, the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas and the Water and Sewerage Corporation…”

They do have a point.

Evidently, [and as some had anticipated], the still-new Christie administration is today facing no end of challenges as it searches [some say desperately] to fulfill its One Hundred Day challenge.

Prime Minister Christie is no stranger to criticism, having weathered some of the harshest evaluations that could ever made of a leader who has been so very successful.

For our part, we today not only reiterate our general support for what he has promised, but also wish to counsel and caution him concerning how he is really not responding to a very correct assessment that – he appears to have been in error when he told the Bahamian people that, he and his team would be ready to do what they had to do on Day One.

The fact of the matter is that Prime Minister Christie has not fulfilled this very important promise.

As his nemeses in the Free National Movement also now crow in what seems so much righteous indignation: “…They claimed that they had a better way; that they could do more than the FNM were doing. On that basis they have been elected to office…Now at the midpoint of their self-imposed 100 Days of Action we are being treated to excuses and broken promises. Broken promises this early in this administration do not bode well for this new Government…”

Today, this criticism resonates and ripples throughout the Bahamas.

But even as this is the case today, there is yet time remaining for the Christie team to get their act together.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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