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PLP Failed In First 100 Days, Says Minnis

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Hubert Minnis said the government’s first 100 days in office was an abysmal failure that “has already left a trail of broken promises.”

Bringing remarks at the party’s church service to celebrate 20 years of first being elected to government, Dr. Minnis said, while claiming to believe in Bahamians, the present PLP government has already proven to be a disappointment.

“The present government has already indulged in a most callous and vicious programme of widespread political victimisation unseen since the worst days of the former Pindling administration,” he said. “Claiming to have an all-Bahamian solution to the adverse effects of the global economic crisis, they now complain that they can’t do anything until the U.S. economy improves.

“Having promised streets paved with their gold rush, all that Bahamians have received to date is a lot of speeches, posing and hot wind.”

Dr. Minnis said in order to defend the Bahamian people, the FNM must be ready to take the PLP on every day.

“We must be ready to call them out, row them out, roll them out, and vote them out,” Dr. Minnis added. “FNMs for us to take on the PLP, the DNA and all those that oppose us politically, we must stand together – we must create an impenetrable bond.

“We must stand ready to fight externally not tear each other down internally, we are only as strong as our weakest link.”

He is also calling for party members to “rededicate and recommit” themselves to the party’s legacy and to the struggle to regain the confidence of the majority of Bahamians.

“We must reach out to our brothers and sisters in love and demonstrate at all times, the depths of our caring and our respect for each other,” Dr. Minnis added. “The sudden passing of (FNM Chairman Charles Maynard) very painfully reminds us that life is fragile and precious and we must live our lives to reflect such.”

FNM Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner also said so far, the PLP government has failed the country.

“In these past 100 days we have already seen that the government in office is a bitter disappointment,” she said. “They have returned to their bad habits. We are in the storm. The party in office has already broken many of its big promises. Intimidation and victimisation have returned, reminding us of those dark days before 1992. We are in the storm.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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