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PLP Denies Bribery Accusations

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has categorically denied accusations circulated by former Prime Minister and Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Hubert Ingraham that it used bribery to secure votes in the General Election.

Mr. Ingraham’s comments were made on the heels of the PLP’s landslide victory at the 2012 election polls.

While appearing on the Love 97/JCN programme “Jones and Company” on Sunday, PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts said Mr. Ingraham’s comments couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Mr. Ingraham admitted that he was shocked at the overall election results. But for him to suggest that there was bribery from the PLP, I have to ask myself the question ‘was it not Hubert Ingraham that brought in these international OAS observers?’ They were here and they met with all the political parties as they observed the election. Did Mr. Ingraham make any complaint to these observers if he felt there was bribery occurring,” Mr. Roberts said.

“I seem to recall that the observers gave a report which noted that the election was fair. Their observation report indicated that the democratic process was fully employed during this election and they even praised The Bahamas for the high voter turnout and the overall success and they gave it their stamp of approval.”

He continued, “Mr. Ingraham now wants to come with a story that we bribed voters, he just needs to accept that the people of The Bahamas spoke loud and clear that they do not want to operate under his leadership and they want him off of the political scene.”

Mr. Roberts said Mr. Ingraham’s mismanagement of the country’s affairs and his unapproachable nature as a leader, were just a few factors which assisted in sinking the former FNM government.

He also addressed damaging accusations from the FNM camp which imply that between 2002 and 2007 the PLP government swindled massive amounts of monies from the public purse.

“These accusations all stem from a figment of Hubert Ingraham’s imagination. Mr. Ingraham had five years to prove and to advance any proof of anyone in the PLP who would have been involved in mishandling or theft of public funds. Nobody has been charged nor brought before the courts, yet he insists that there was corruption within the Christie-led administration,” Mr. Roberts said.

On the flip side of his argument, Mr. Roberts noted that prior to the General Election, the PLP released credible information about one of Mr. Ingraham’s cabinet ministers, who was allegedly found to have his, ‘hand in the cookie jar.’
“Just before the election the PLP made available to the public, by way of a press statement, clear and definitive information that the former Minister of Tourism Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace was found with his hand in the cookie jar. And Mr. Ingraham, when confronted by the press, refused to answer any questions about the matter,” Mr. Roberts said.

Mr. Roberts noted that the PLP intends to fully investigate the matter and once all of the details have been will be made public.

Mr. Roberts admits that the PLP will be faced with a tumultuous task of getting the country back on track; however he feels the new Christie administration will successfully return the country to a state of normalcy.

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