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PLP Chairman Concedes

Halfway through the results of yesterday’s referendum on gender equality, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts in a statement, conceded in the loss to the resounding no vote.

Mr. Roberts noted that the government respects the decision of the Bahamian people, as he said he the citizens have spoken “loud and clear” through their no vote.

Prior to the referendum, the PLP chairman noted that the process demonstrated democracy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Roberts said democracy may not manifest itself in a favourable manner, but he said this does not change the fact that it is democracy and that that reality should be respected.

“I commend the Yeoman’s effort of the staff of the Constitutional Commission and especially the Chairman Sean McWeeney QC and the Education Division co-chaired by Justice Rubie Nottage and Former Cabinet Minister Theresa Moxey Ingraham, the Co-chairs of the Yes Campaign Lady Sharon Wilson President of the Senate and Lynn Hollowesko former President of the Senate for their tireless efforts saw the hosting of some two hundred educational sessions across the length and breadth of The Bahamas,” Mr. Roberts said.

“The division made itself available to visit any grouping, company or government department wishing to become more educated on the amended Constitutional Bills under consideration,” he added.

“I thank the Prime Minister for his patience, temperament, focus and strength of leadership through every phase of this important process. He appointed the commission with the mandate to consult civil society widely and to educate broadly throughout The Bahamas. His hands on approach cannot be understated as Mr. Christie met personally with the Christian Council and the church community who influenced the wording of the final constitutional amendments to ensure that The Bahamas adheres to its abiding Christian principles,” Mr. Roberts continued.

Alluding to the heated public debate that emerged from the four amendments in yesterday’s referendum, Mr. Roberts said the “emotive public debate” enlightened Bahamians and deepened the country’s democracy; adding that the country is more mature as a result of the exercise.

“I was heartened to see that the surviving founding fathers and framers of the constitution became fully engaged in this democratic process, actively advocating for all Bahamians to be treated equally under our Supreme Law. I thank them for their national service once again. When called to serve, they have never let this country down,” he said.

The PLP chairman maintained that his party remains committed to the principle of equality for all Bahamians under the law.

“ We do so because it is consistent with our core values and the foundational principles upon which the PLP was built and thrived,” he added.

“This exercise was a giant step on an ever evolving journey to a more perfect democratic Commonwealth as the fight for freedom, social justice and equality continues,” he said.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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