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Responding to an attack by the Free National Movement  over  the Opposition’s position on  the Auditor General’s report on the operations of the National Sports Authority,  the  Progressive Liberal Party says, “The FNM’s Chairman is a laugh a minute. Today because the PLP has unmasked their fake and phony campaign to discredit the PLP’s record in sports, they are doubling down with phony rage and fake rectitude and the worn out personal attacks. Their statement today attacking the PLP is disgraceful.”

The Chairman of the PLP, Senator Fred Mitchell in a statement said, “they seek in it to defend the nonsensical innuendos from this Auditor General’s report, but there is no substance there to defend. They know that money does not and cannot just walk out of the Treasury. The conclusions they seek to draw from the report do not follow and cannot be sustained. The FNM’s assertions are plainly foolish on the face.

“With the FNM, they are like a broken record. Corruption is all they see. They are experts at the game of corruption and crookedness. Bahamians say ” it takes one to know one.”

Mr. Mitchell said, “We tell them again: stop being stupid. The FNM has wasted two years of digging up in the garbage can and not governing. The FNM is running out of time to get anything meaningful done.

“This is the dumbest government we have ever had. Our greatest problem is they don’t know how dumb they are. They think they are so smart, but the evidence of  using the State to lock up  their political opponents shows what knuckleheads they all are.

“By the way Duane Sands and Marvin Dames should resign. They are both judicially condemned. They must resign or be dismissed,” said Senator Mitchell.

Meanwhile, the MP for  Exuma and Ragged Island, Chester Cooper  said “the chairman of the Free National Movement is a hopeless creature, barely worth responding to, but unlike him, I have a care about how my name is bandied about.

“I note that he has claimed I have disparaged the probe of the auditor general into the National Sports Authority, which he incorrectly identified as the National Sports Agency in a press statement today.

This is patently false.

“I have made no comment on the audit report and have no plans to do so at this time.

“The chairman of the FNM should get a life; one in which his thoughts are not consumed with me.

He and I are no company.

He should focus his efforts on better explaining the disastrous policies of this faltering administration as opposed to making up stories,” said Mr. Cooper.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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