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Pintard Demands Apology for Lawsuit Delivery

Chairman of the Free National Movement Michael Pintard demanded an apology from Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday for what he deemed as “unacceptable and intolerable behavior” performed by police on Mr. Christie’s behalf.

Senator Pintard, who noted that his job is “to hold the government’s feet to the fire,” told The Bahama Journal in an exclusive interview that police officers showed up to his house on two occasions unannounced to allegedly deliver a lawsuit on Mr. Christie’s behalf.

“Police officers visited my house supposedly with an envelope to present to me. I have two offices in Grand Bahama they could have visited. I am the Chairman of the FNM. They can go to the office. I have an office in New Providence. I’m sitting in the Senate. They could’ve met me at the Senate,” Mr. Pintard said.

“I was away at the time because my daughter was hospitalized, and my family was unclear on why they were there. I have no tolerance, no tolerance, for whether it’s a law firm that’s acting for the prime minister or the prime minister himself. You will not invade my house. I will not be another Darron Cash,” he added.

The irate chairman demanded that Mr. Christie apologize to his family and suggested a law be formulated to protect whistleblowers in the country.

Mr. Pintard also issued a response to National Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Bradley Roberts who called for Mr. Pintard’s resignation following his claims of the prime minister interfering with a matter involving Bahamas Consul General to Atlanta Randy Rolle.

“We say to his mouth piece Mr. Roberts, whose reputation is challenged in this country, that when you seek to characterize others in a way to damage their reputation, we ask you, how is it that in the face of the most scurrilous attacks on your reputation in recent weeks? Why have you not taken legal action against those persons who question your integrity? Not only in your public life, but in your private life,” Mr. Pintard said.

Since the allegations, Mr. Rolle has denied claims of political interference and has been brought to the capital for consultation according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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