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Pieces of the missing plane found

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Twelve  divers  early Thursday afternoon  persevered and found  pieces of the six seater  plane of missing  pilot Byron Ferguson.

Less than an hour after setting off and just .2miles from where the Aztec went down, the  divers found  a piece of the tail of the aircraft, the nose, the battery and Ferguson’s flight plan which had his name, the airport  he left from, the time he left which was 9pm and details of the aircraft. 

On  the efforts made by Defense Force officers who allegedly searched this same area,  Boat Owner and Organizer of this search Gina Knowles is questioning whether officers actually searched for the missing  plane.

“I think if they did actually search,  they would have found it because we have enough people on our forces to do the same thing we did,  because we only had 12 guys,” she said.

After the search was completed for the day, one of which was JCN Cameraman Rayvon Morrison, the team started their journey to Montagu Beach where they had planned to turn their findings over to the family and update the media. 

While on their way,  a law enforcement vessel intercepted the  Search Boat  and ordered them to pull into Harbour Patrol where officers confiscated the findings for evidence. According to Mrs. Knowles, she anticipated this much.

“When we were coming in the harbor,  they pulled up on the side of us and it was funny because they said that it wasn’t us, they thought it was a party boat. 

“Then they circled again and when they did,  they saw the pieces of the plane. When they saw the pieces of the plane,  they said yes that’s them, because there are the pieces of the plane. So then they came over and said you all need to follow us,” she said.

Shortly after arriving to the scene,  the mother and brother of Ferguson came and cried uncontrollably after seeing pieces of the plane that  officers previously  said couldn’t be found. 

Ferguson’s mother thanked everyone who assisted in the search effort,  as it brought   the family close to achieving closure.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander along with other high ranking Royal Bahamas Police officers were on scene, but refused to brief the media unless  they said  Eye Witness News was present.

  Meantime Knowles said they will not stop until they find a body.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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